Arcade Infinity Street Fighter IV - Ranbat 1.5 Results (12/28/2008)

49-player tournament
1 sigh This is Ryan aka Gootecks
2 keno
3 Mike Ross
4 viscant
5 Kai2
5 moval
7 eric
7 Sanchez
9 tatsu
9 mark
9 csb
9 SHGLbmx
13 leo
13 chai
13 Christian
13 heng
17 sfs
17 kryojenix
17 j
17 myk
17 Ken I
17 bryant
17 luka
17 dae
25 tony
25 shoo
25 fred
25 bustabust
25 marcus
25 big bad v
25 Mr Bean
33 ironfist
33 dragonite
33 metal mike
33 victor
33 bullet
33 Sir Phobos
49 Rip
49 amgpower
49 scott

ggs to marcus, keno, and leo.

that was some fun shit

GGs to everyone! I got knocked out by 2 Blankas in a row :crybaby:
Good shit to gootecks taking first! Good seeing everyone again, hope I do better next time…UNTIL the next time!

good shit to top placers. Wasn’t feeling well enough to come out this morning, so I’ll catch you guys next time.

GGS to everyone tonight and nice to see everyone. I learned quite a bit from this one and I’m looking forward to next time too. Hopefully by then I I’ll get over my nerves so that my hands aren’t shaking a coke fiend as I play.

Awesome tournament as usual! Congrats Ryan.

LOL @ Male stripper match :rofl:

good shit ryan and to everyone that placed! sent to losers by csb, bye first round losers waited about 4 hours for ken i to show up so i can play my match. besides that it was great to see everyone again! and hopefully i will do much better next time…

sanchez - learned a lot from you! you are fucking hilarious and im glad you were there. oh and during your match with gootecks FUCKING GOT EM COACH!
csb - good match man, tough first round for me but good job dude!
ken i - i have 0 rufus experience! :frowning:
luka - for being so luscious and uh “hyped” during the tourny/your match.
and to everyone else that was there and sorry if your name was not mentioned.

awesome tournament! thanks shoo for letting me in even though I came late. you guys are too good

Gj gootecks way to go!!!

-eric v

ggs to everyone i played tonight. can’t remember everyone, but you know who you are (i think). probably the most epic tournament to date. so many good matches.

i’m happy with my placing. every tournament i’ve gone to, i’ve gotten a higher placing, which means obviously something is working. i encourage more people to come out to level up and develop into true sf4 thugz.

mike ross, i love you, but i need to stop losing to you. sent me to losers bracket. :’(

viscant, good match. thanks for the honda tips. eliminated me from tournament. :’( :’(


Good shit to all!

back to the drawing board

Good tournament tonight everyone. Metal Mike, Kryo, CSB, Mike Ross, and Gootecks good games. Thanks for all the support and people coming out. I finished 2nd place Yeaahhh. Reppin that Video 94!

Keno your avatar pisses me off.

The hardest working mang in 4 finally got what he deserves Good shit Gootecks

No participant cap = when is top tier tourney?

:wow: 49 players. Good shit. :wow:

I’m totally not picking bison anymore.

Sorry I had to leave early, but I had a great time. Lots of hype. Some amazing players there. It was my first time ever playing SF4 haha. Good games


1 sigh This is Ryan aka Gootecks 7
2 keno 6
3 Mike Ross 5
4 viscant 4
5 Kai 3
5 moval 3
7 eric 1
7 Sanchez 1

GGs everybody! I’d also like to thank Shoo and Ryan for letting me enter even though I was a little late. Good shit to the top placers!

Good shit Gootecks!