ARCADE INFINITY - Official Thread for Season 3 Results *3.3 Results up now*

Arcade Infinity 3.0 ranbat Results.

Top 8 Results for Ranbat 3.3

1 Gootecks(boxer)
2 Ken i (Akuma, Rufus)
3 Combopjack ( Sagat, Ryu)
4 Hugo 101 (M.Bison, Rufus)
5 DJ divine (Rufus, Chun-li)
5 Keno (Boxer, Sagat, Rufus)
7 Mike ross (E.Honda, Ken)
7 Kai ( El Fuerte)

Honorable Mentions
9 Bryant the tyrant (boxer)
9 Nima partovi (Akuma, Sagat)
9 Vince (Chun li)
9 Charles “gaoser” (E.Honda)

Top 8 Results for Ranbat 3.2

  1. Combojack (Sagat)
    2.Mr.KOF ( Ken, Akuma)
    3.Joe Dubbs ( Zangief, Sagat)
    4.Kai (EL Fuerte)
    5.Killerkai (Ryu)
    5.Richard Ngyuen (Sagat, Boxer)
    7.Coffee (Sagat, Boxer)
    7.Ken I ( Akuma, Rufus)

Honorable Mentions

9.UTJ ( Dhalsim)
9.Jeff Effect (chun-li)
9.Keno (Boxer)
9.Minh (Boxer, Bison)

Top 8 Results for Ranbat 3.1

1.Combojack (Sagat)
2.Keno (Balrog, Sagat)
3.Vicious ( Rufus)
4.Mike Ross (E.Honda, Zangief)
5.Combofiend ( Abel, Akuma)
5.Umeshoryu ( Ryu, Sagat)
7.Ironfist ( sagat)
7. E$ (Zangief)

Honorable Mentions

9.Bryant the Tyrant (Balrog)
9.Chai Thai ( Ryu)
9.Legend of Lore ( Blanka)
9.Dae (Chun-li)

Current Point Leaders

16 - ComboJack
7 - Mr. KOF
7 - Keno
6 - Joe Dubbs
6 - Vicious
5 - Kai
5 - Mike Ross
3 - Killa Kai
3 - Richard Nguyen
3 - Combofiend
3 - UmeShoryu
1 - Coffee
1 - Ken I
1 - Ironfist
1 - E$


Hopefully I’ll be able to leave my safe little home at Denjin and travel out there to get some new competition next time. See you guys then.


start ranbat 3.1 shoutouts now!

GGs to everyone i played today! I was the sagat player in the purple hat.

Exciting game IronFist, soo close! GG

sorry shoo/nima for always being late >_<

awesome tourney today! first and foremost thank you so much shoo for putting in the time and effort to run these ranbats. each one is better than the last! you’re the fucking man dude, and thank you nema and chaithai for running it smoothly.

charles: good games dude, i’ve been your 1st round opponent for the last 3 ranbats, unbelievable! but you get better every time we play. keep it up big dawg.
busta: thanks for coming all the way out here dude, it was good seeing and playing against
you, see you at denjin.
hugo101: sorry i had to get loud on you brotha, lol come to ai more often, we’ll get a
bunch of games on. peace.
chaithai: nigga you was on fire today!!! amazing shit on takin out pikadoken and nema,
you are no longer the gate keeper of ai, gotta appoint somebody else.
jeremy: dude how the fuck did you get 3rd vicious? LMAO!!! but seriously, goddamn that rufus
got sooooo good, you’re playing very smart now dawg. much respects. great job
keno: what can I say man? we’ve been down this road so many times homie!!! it was '
fun and fucking intense!! although i got a bigass headache afterwards, that shit
was awesome!!! much love for you my good friend.
mike ross: this was a longass weekend dude, so fucking glad its over!!! good shit today.
oh and too much salt is not good for you. lol
legend of lore: good shit on taking out a bunch of fools today, always good seeing you
kind sir.
sanchez: your shit talking skills never seize to amaze me!!! i’m surprise dso still had a soul
after tonight lol. keep on pimpin mah nigga.

and everybody else I saw today: teresa, naomi, evan, utj, kryo, both warrens, that fucking faggot moval, umeshoryu, blackskillz, vic, dragonite, bryant, gootecks, aj, combofiend, always good to see you guys. take care, til next time.

thanks to dae and tatsu for the coaching and stacey for the cookies~<3

everyone else can go about their business :lovin:

once again another great ranbat

keno and jack meeting in the end again good shit
jeremy your stache is gdlk, good shit for placing
stacy thanks for the cookies
busta, good seeing ya bud, its been a while
chaithai thanks for the console set up, helped tremendously good shit dude
nima once again for being gdlk with everything

everyone at wangs after was fun too <3
kevin, :<

thats it for now, im tired

oh and boo to the people that didnt show and never emailed. yall banned

and everyone else sorry about the stream, but tbh i wasnt too concerned with it we had to keep our focus on the tournament at hand so oh well :cool: streaming ranbats might be on hold for a little while till me and scott talk more about the subject. love you all

Good games to all I played

To many bison players in my bracket section lol.
but the one i hate most is Vick…
but in the end i still <3 you Vick

SHGL good shit man

and to the bison guy trying to time scam me or ultra when theres no time i think you have to do it like at 3-4 seconds but anyways good shit

also like to thank the people from sd that roll with me pimpbot9000 and KSexy

and thanks to shoo for being awesome!

thanks shoo for letting me register on short notice :lovin::lovin::lovin: definitely had a fun time and will most likely roll with cody to the next one.

i need to actually practice before i go up again. :sweat:

p.s. vicious if your stache gets any bigger im gonna call you uncle

nice seeing you all! for some, it’s been awhile.
if any of you get sick from rabies – err i mean, from a cold
ooops! sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

i know we all parted separate ways after,
but you guys missed out at buffalo wild wangs
creed on (his own?) mic like who knows what on karaoke

sings can you take me hiiiiiighhher

sings in his OWN lyrics can you take me fucking hiiiighhherr!

lots of LOLs, i seriously choked on my celery/wangs
thanks for my shoo<3 & stacy for patting my back :slight_smile:

a special thanks to sanchez for having the most amazing blazer ever

Dae, Moval, and KillerKai thank you for helping me run shit while I was incapacitated
Shoo thanks for being patient with me while I struggled to write down names
Nima, Pigadouken, and Ume good games
Vicious, how the fuck did you get third?
Sanchez FADC isn’t hard, except for me
Good seeing everyone again, anyone else I forgot I’ll gladly edit this
Fuck you Jack

ggs and sorry for my attitude, no hate towards any player only hate towards that tv.

results will be posted later.

it was nice seeing everyone again. it has been awhile!

shoo - good to see you again! and good job running these tournaments!

jack - great games man! and congrats on the win.

tatsu - beanie’s now? fuck yeah!

utj - good to see you playing again, its fun watching you play! especially watching u play beatmania :wow:

legend of lore - good see you man!

anna - you shouldve entered to win it!

ume shoryu - they need to add that grab tiger uppercut/knee haha.

keno - good job man, sick ass balrog.

teresa - it was good to see you again! i look way younger than you… like WAAY younger hah.

combo fiend - good talks man, thanks for telling me about that meter building stuff.

everyone that i met/talked to and didnt mention, good to see you guys again! and sorry for my behavior here and there, just kinda got pissed about a few things. dont mean to hate or anything.

gg and thanks keno for always humbling me down so i can keep working on my game, having you as my first opponent after a bye was yet again an eye opener. :rock:

gg fwooshy, we shall meet in casual matches at AI again!

gg dj vest, rufus mirror match was fun but probably more fun for you since you won~ :tdown: for me not mashing ex messiah hard enough

shoo i’m sorry you didn’t get your refill of mr. pibbs. at least we got to watch crazy people sing karaoke. then sanchez rapping while loitering outside

jeremy you are my hero for placing, and living-breathing textbook for my rufus.


dae, busta and renic good to see you guys, i will see you all next week at denjin

2nd setup has new buttons and sticks so it should be okay if you played there now~ you can always visit AI sometime before the next ranbat to see if you like it :encore: hasn’t frozen since last ranbat either iirc

It was nice seeing everyone and meeting new people!

Thanks Tatsu for tips with Vega still
Thanks UTJ for the confidence booster :smiley:
Gg IronFist & Divine.
And thanks Nima for letting me go a little earlier due to personal things ^^
And Vic for so much energy during his first match Lol.

results up

1st - 8pts
2nd - 7pts
3rd - 6pts
4th - 5pts
5th - 3pts
7th - 1pt

shoo will tell you to read the rules