Arcade Infinity GGXX Slash RanBats 1st Quarter results

Woo, this was a good turnout. There were 18 entrants. For now, I’ll post the top 3 and their points.

1st place - Purrin (MA, AB) 3 points
2nd place - Def1n1tely (MI) 2 points
3rd place - Dr. Stormlocke (RO) 1 point

We had a very nice turn out. Sorry if we were in the way people. :stuck_out_tongue: Tournament ended pretty quick, also. I’ll try to get videos up tomorrow. Thanks for coming out everyone! SEE YOU IN 2 WEEKS! :smiley:

Guys, vid is done. Welcome to megaupload.

Also, people should favorite this page for future tourney results because making a bunch of threads sounds like a pain on the boards. :stuck_out_tongue: Especially since these tourneys would happen very often.

Good games everyone! Congrats to those who placed, and thanks to everyone who came down. Special thanks to Jo for putting it all together, because I think these ranbats will really give SoCal something to practice for until Accent Core comes out.

See you guys at the next one!


This shit was crazy. I looked back at you guys, and all I saw was this pool of black… I guess because Asian people like the color black.

Good shit to Def for still repping with Millia. GG’s to people that showed up; can’t wait for vids.

‘-’ chipp = no on ai sticks

Everyone whiffed stuff, so I feel your pain.

Thanks for running Jo. We powered through it fast, and it was cool seeing everybody as always. See you guys in a few weeks!

ggs all

even though i lost first game… next time will be different. i’ll actually know how to fight axl.

yesterday was fun even though i lost first game
thanks jo for qcfx2 + HS for me because i couldn’t do it myself :stuck_out_tongue:

did anybody else try love potion #9?


January 26th RanBat Results!

We had 22 entrants tonight! Thanks to everyone who joined up. I tried to keep things fast paced to rush through the tourney as quickly as possible. :smiley:

Top Three

1st place - Purrin (MA) 3 points, 6 total
2nd place - Dr. Stormlocke (RO) 2 points, 3 total
3rd place - Jo (JO) 1 point

So next tournament, Purrin and Storm get seeds (again). I’ll try to get videos up as soon as I can! Thanks for comin’ out guys. :smiley:

EDIT: Videos are up! It’s like… 160MB lol.

Because I know you guys love megaupload soooo much.

-Also, I’ll be editing the first post from this page as well as the tournament announcement page so that it contains the most recent info. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for that idea, Purrin. Since Purrin also wanted brackets…

1st round:
David vs Hakila
Hellmonkey vs Danime
render vs Johann
Pulsr vs Chris
Tony Vo vs Jo
aa_overmind vs Ken I.

2nd round:
Purrin vs David
Hellmonkey vs render
Chris vs Jo
shtkn vs Ken I
Danny Chen vs Moustafah
Urzakor vs Nocturnal
Eiji vs SirPhobos
Richard N. vs Dr. Stormlocke

3rd round:
Purrin vs render
Jo vs Ken I
Moustafah vs Nocturnal
Eiji vs Dr. Stormlocke

4th round:
Purrin vs Jo
Moustafah vs Dr. Stormlocke

Grand Finals - Purrin vs Dr. Stormlocke

Jo, can ya post the bracket and/or everyone’s placing? There was a ton of people there and I had no idea who they were, so seeing the names would help out…for me anyway.

Good job to top 3s, Purrin, Josh, Storm, Jo

my plan didn’t work. At kuros tourney i signed up early and had to face pulsr in the first round. SO this time i signed up late, hoping i wouldn’t have to go against pulsr in the first round but it didn’t work. ALot of mirror matches this tourney.

Thanks jo for planning this out. alot of people that i haven’t seen before showed up and they were pretty good. hopefully they will start posting on here and show up to more casuals and tourneys.

GGs to everyone I played, looking foward to watching my crappy matches on video. See you guys at the next one.

u had some nice matches, the match against the Jam player was good. You were doing alot of nice combos and mixups.

gg’s to pulsr in Melty blood after they tourney also. I need to learn how to end air combos with air throw. his shin is no joke. i want to learn how to play MB as good as that.

gg no re AI sticks

you guys just got lucky i wasn’t there.

Robots… Wow.

ggs all

man, i need to stop sucking so much and play everyone more