ARCADE INFINITY | 3-1-07 Team 3rd Strike Tournament Results

Thanks for everyone who entered; 10 teams/30 players. We started off fast and got ahead of schedule but somehow during the end we went massively behind schedule. The last couple matchups went to a delegated teammember who played BEST OF 3, to speed things up. Sorry we had to wrap things up at 10pm, it a long story that involves the LA County Sheriff, and hefty fines for the arcade owner.

anyway, here are the results-

(7:30pm-10:30pm, teams 3s , winner take all)

  1. Team Veek (Vic, Amir, Gootecks)
  2. The Rayzor Ramos Edge (Sanchez, Tony, Ray)
  3. Team Watson (Watson, Hung, Paul)
  4. SUPER FRIENDS (Ron, Tristen, David)
  5. Team Monkey Face (LGS, GNCguy, TonyX)
  6. Team VCR (Sebastian, David, Sherwin)
  7. Guys Who Use Girls (RC, Scott, Ivan)
  8. More Overhead Please (James, Albert, Leonard)
  9. Stay Gold (Andy, Tim, Joel)
  10. Team Lenin (Lenin, Andrew, Derek)

all the matches were taped so they’ll eventually be uploaded to our AI 3s youtube channel:

once again, nice turnout, thanks everyone!

Fun times again this week, thanks to everyone who showed up and esp. to Ronnie and Scott for running it. Congrats to Ray for stepping up his game tonight! :wgrin:

Add me to Rayzor Ramos team…I was there in spirit yelling random shit out :lovin:

Thanks to everyone who played; I hope you all had fun.
A Big thanks to scottind for helping co-run the tournament !
Thanks also to LGS for donating the awesome raffle prizes !

Bad News:
My apologies to the final 3-4 teams who had to delegate a single representative to finish up the tournament. We had to finish by 10pm, but after this tournament, we have a much better estimate on how to run future team tournaments. Sorry guys !!

Good News:
I was able to record EVERY match played yesterday, so I’ll have them up by the end of today.

I thought the seeding for this tournament was great. Lots of fun match ups. (Much thanks to gooteck’s helpful tournament feedback/advice).

Raffle Prize Winners:

  1. Albert (Simpsons Toy: the Sailor Guy that goes “ARRRRR”)
  2. Ryocho (SFA2 Akuma Action Figure)

A complete list of fundraising amount and people who contributed coming soon.
(I don’t have the list/amount with me at the moment)

Total Fundraising amount thus far is $103.00.

Yesterday was awesome. Too bad me and LWK got there late because our 3rd team member flaked on us. :mad:
But luckily some of our friends came through and we made it anyway.
Next time though, if Bebop isn’t on a team, then lets team up. :smile:
Oh and the casuals were awesome. Gootecks, those were some good matches. :rock:
I was in a Hugo and Q mood last night. hehe Good stuff.

ARRRRR. Two glass eyes.

Great times once again. Ronnie can’t be thanked enough. And Scott too, I guess.

WTF at the raffle results. I left AI without SeaCaptain in hand. Thusly, someone else won it. Please note: I totally would accept the prize all graciously and shit. :china:

ocv ftw.

Oh shit, that was a typo … hehe, sorry.
The winner was Albert.

I need to get some sleep …


On a related note, any chance of using that fundraiser money for American sticks or h2h cabs? :wgrin:

H2H Cabs > American sticks in priority. Well at least in my opinion. At least it would alleviate all that shoulder fucking during matches on the small cabs.

GG’s to everyone I played in casuals. Wished I entered the team tourney, but we couldn’t find an extra person to form Team UCR 2. Maybe next time…

gootecks: Dash tackle unblockable FTW! :slight_smile:

Quite possibly the best idea ever. I’ll even donate to that shit.:sweat:

me too. I can get 20 on it.

good shit ronnie had a good time at the tournament gg’s to all

  • andy.

Let me know if I’ve made any mistakes.
Also, let me know if I misspelled your name, or neglected to use your SRK Handle.

YouTube Channel:

YouTube Playlists:

Battle 01

  1. David (NE) vs. Vic (DU)
  2. Sherwin (DU) vs. Vic (DU)
  3. Sebastian (OR) vs. Vic (DU)

Battle 02

  1. scottind (IB) vs. Lenin (AL)
  2. scottind (IB) vs. Andrew (DU)
  3. scottind (IB) vs. Derek (KE)
  4. R | C (CH) vs. Derek (KE)
  5. Kryojenix (MA) vs. Derek (KE)

Battle 03

  1. djfaka (NE) vs. Albert (RY)
  2. djfaka (NE) vs. Bumblebee James (MA)
  3. djfaka (NE) vs. Leonard (UR)

Battle 04

  1. Paul Lee (KE) vs. Feint (IB)
  2. Paul Lee (KE) vs. Ray Ramos (NE)
  3. Paul Lee (KE) vs. Sanchez (AL)

Battle 05

  1. David (CH) vs. Paro-Da (CH)
  2. djfaka (AL) vs. Paro-Da (CH)
  3. XnoyHoy vs. Paro-Da (CH)
  4. XnoyHoy vs. Tim (KE)
  5. XnoyHoy vs. Joel (HU)

Battle 06

  1. LGS (Tw) vs. Lenin (AL)
  2. LGS (Tw) vs. Andrew (DU)
  3. LGS (Tw) vs. Derek (KE)
  4. ryocho (RE) vs. Derek (KE)
  5. TonyX (Q) vs. Derek (KE)

Battle 07

  1. LGS (TW) vs. Ryan (UR)
  2. ryocho (RE) vs. Ryan (UR)
  3. TonyX (Q) vs. Ryan (UR)

Battle 08

  1. Lenin (AL) vs. Albert (RY)
  2. Andrew (DU) vs. Albert (RY)
  3. Andrew (DU) vs. James (MA)
  4. Derek (KE) vs. James (MA)

Battle 09

  1. Joel (HU) vs. R | C (CH)
  2. Joel (HU) vs. Kryojenix (IB)
  3. Joel (HU) vs. scottind (IB)
  4. Tim (KE) vs. scottind (IB)
  5. Paro-Da (CH) vs. scottind (IB)

Battle 10

  1. RayRamos (HU) vs. Kryojenix (MA)
  2. RayRamos (HU) vs. scottind (IB)
  3. Feint (IB) vs. scottind (IB)
  4. Feint (IB) vs. R | C (CH)

Battle 11

  1. RayRamos (NE) vs. LGS (KE)
  2. RayRamos (NE) vs. ryocho (KE)
  3. RayRamos (NE) vs. TonyX (MA)
  4. Feint (IB) vs. TonyX (MA)
  5. Sanchez (AL) vs. TonyX (MA)

Battle 12

  1. djfaka (NE) vs. Paul (KE)
  2. David (CH) vs. Paul (KE)
  3. XnoyHoy (DU) vs. Paul (KE)
  4. XnoyHoy (DU) vs. Hung (OR)

Battle 13

  1. Amir (KE) vs. Watson (KE)
  2. Amir (KE) vs. Paul (CH)
  3. gootecks (UR) vs. Paul (CH)
  4. gootecks (UR) vs. Hung (OR)
  5. Vic (DU) vs. Hung (OR)

Battle 14

  1. David (NE) vs. Albert (RY)
  2. David (NE) vs. Leonard (UR)
  3. David (NE) vs. James (MA)

Battle 15

  1. David (NE) vs. djfaka (NE)
  2. Sherwin (DU) vs. djfaka (NE)
  3. Sherwin (DU) vs. David (CH)
  4. Sherwin (DU) vs. XnoyHoy (DU)
  5. Sebastian (OR) vs. XnoyHoy (DU)

Battle 16

  1. Sanchez (AL) vs. XnoyHoy (DU)

Battle 17

  1. Ray Ramos (NE/HU) vs. Hung (OR)

Battle 18

  1. Ray Ramos (HU) vs. Vic (DU)

In either scenarios for the U.S Sticks and H2H cabs, I’m not sure whether the machines have the physical capabilities. For U.S style sticks, I believe there are some available that can be installed in jap cabs, however I don’t think they’re happ or 360. I’ve heard of another local arcade that has u.s sticks on jap cabs (?) … was it interface? or super arcade? As for the H2H I would have to speak to the owner to see if that’s a feasible option.

In either case, I think the back cabs are definitely going to waste and something definitely should be done about them. Having two people on those small machines is just way to cramped; not to mention the neighboring machines that reduce the space even more. If the machines are capable, I think they should definitely be H2H, or at least side by side like one of the KOF set ups they have. If not, then maybe moving the machines around would help alleviate some of the space issue.

There’s a few machines at AI that just absolutely gets no love, and I think those can be sold to make more room. Giving the smaller 3s cabs more space or H2H capabilities would, from a financial perspective, be a wise option for the owner to invest in. There’s rumors of the owner moving locations, or similar plans of the like, so it really depends on what plans he has envisioned for AI.

I’m definitely going to ask him about the H2H cabs, or at least moving around the arrangement.

As promised, here is the list of people who contributed to the fundraising pot:

Raffle Drawing:

  1. ryocho ($2)
  2. XnoyHoy ($1)
  3. Overhead Albert ($1)
  4. Sebastian ($1)
  5. Sanchez ($2)
  6. Feint ($1)

Subtotal: $8.00

Everyone Who Entered the Tournament:

  1. Team Veek (Vic, Amir, Gootecks)
  2. The Rayzor Ramos Edge (Sanchez, Tony, Ray)
  3. Team Watson (Watson, Hung, Paul)
  4. SUPER FRIENDS (Ron, Tristen, David)
  5. Team Monkey Face (LGS, GNCguy, TonyX)
  6. Team VCR (Sebastian, David, Sherwin)
  7. Guys Who Use Girls (RC, Scott, Ivan)
  8. More Overhead Please (James, Albert, Leonard)
  9. Stay Gold (Andy, Tim, Joel)

3 people x 9 teams = 27 people.
$1 each person fundraising

Subtotal: $27.00

Late Entry Fee:
10. Team Lenin (Lenin, Andrew, Derek)

3 people x $3.00 = $9.00

Subtotal = $9.00

Total For This Tournament:

$ (8 + 27 + 9) = $ 44.00

Grand Total of All Tournaments:

$ (59 + 44) = $103.00

A donation to the AI owner will be carried out very soon.

thanks for keep the dream alive

Legend status …

battle 15 dedicated to you ronnie:tup:

Gootecks, it was fun getting schooled by you. I picked up some new ideas watching that urien. Good times man.

ahhaha…yup got sea captain mccallister in hand…“arggghh…tis no man…tis a remorseless eating machine”