Arcade Edition Match Up: Fei Long

Discuss Guy’s match up against Fei Long in Arcade Edition here.

Here is the currently available frame data for Fei Long in AE. Note: There may be some errors.

Here are Capcom’s final documented changes for Fei Long in AE 2012:

For undocumented changes and discussion, please check out this thread in the Fei Long forums:

In this first post, you’ll find general notes about the match up and links to noteworthy posts.

General Notes


Coming soon!

Noteworthy Posts


[]2010-05-02: ActualProof - Emphasizes spacing and the importance of cr.MP and st.MK.
]2010-07-28: ghostC23 - Points out some things about Chicken Wing and cr.MP > Rekka as an untrue block string.
[*]2010-10-25: str[e]ak - Alioune’s OS st.HP video, punishing Rekkas and Flame Kicks.

There are some interesting things I found against Fei Long that may be useful.

  1. Fei’s Ex Up Kick; (on Block) If you Crouch Block Fei’s up kick and if your Close enough to him. You can Hold Up to create a Neutral Jump and come down with a well timed Medium Kick into stHk and finally into Bushin Chain. If your close to the corner of course you can finish him with extra damage. If you don’t want to take the risk, just Punish any of Fei’s Up Kick with a close stHk into Bushin Chain or Target Combo.

  2. Fei’s Crouching Hp; (on Block) if your right beside Fei after he perform’s his crouching Hp, you can Combo into stMp.

  3. Fei’s Crouching Hk; (on Block) if your Close to Fei after a Blocked crHk (sweep), you can Combo into stMp, Target Combo, crMp, crLk or crLp. You can also Punish Fei’s crHk with Guy’s Medium Tatsu, Ex Tatsu, crMk or crHk.

  4. Fei’s Chicken Wing; on Reaction, you can Punish Chicken Wing with Guy’s stHk. Make sure theirs good distance between you and him.

  5. Izuna Drop Bait; (on Block) Since Fei’s Up Kick moves more Veritical than Forward into the air, on Block use either Guy’s crMk or crHp, then Neutral Jump. If Fei reacts with Medium or Fierce Up Kick, you will have a clear opportunity to grab Fei with Guy’s Izuna Drop.

I’m having one hell of a time against Fei Long. Anyways, one somewhat reliable punish against Rekkas is as follows: After blocking the 2nd hit and you know they won’t be doing a 3rd, you can punish with a cr lk > mk tatsu. The only way for Fei to avoid this is space it perfectly at max range.

And if you’re close enough, you can get full bushin combo after the cr lk.

Alioune made this video last year during SSF4. It still works in AE. There is an instance in the video where he does OS cl.hp and the Chicken Wing trades. That was because hk.Chicken Wing had some invincibility frames during start up. It has zero invincibility on start up in AE. What makes this OS great in particular is that you can hit confirm the cl.hp and cancel into anything. You can even run>stop on both sides and make him guess. also works in place of cl.hp and will beat roundhouse and EX Chicken Wings clean.


I just noticed there is a link to this under the noteworthy post tab. Oops…

This looks hella interesting, wonder what it would be like in the Blanka matchup?
c.:mp:, (cl.:hp: during animation) c.:lp:, st.:mp:xx run??
Im struggling to understand the inputs watching the vid, but I guess a little while in training would sort that out. Thanks for posting.

I wonder would c.:mp: (cl.:hp:) st.:mp: xx run work.
Ive been practicing the link lately so I hopefully can work in the Hp. I pretty much never use option selects, and its about time I started.

-Izuna Drop against Fei Long-

From what I’m testing Izuna Drop is really good against Fei Long, given the right timing. Here are some examples below;

  1. (on hit) Running Overhead, tiger knee motion into Ex Izuna Drop. Cacthes all Up-kicks.
  2. (on hit) Normal Overhead, tiger knee motion into Ex Izuna Drop. Cacthes all Up-kicks.
  3. (on block) Jump-in Mp, Mk, Hp or Hk, tiger knee motion into Ex Izuna Drop. Cacthes all Up-kicks.
  4. (on block) Jump-in Hp or Hk then do crMp, tiger knee motion into Ex Izuna Drop. Cacthes all Up-kicks.
  5. (on block cross-up Mk) Forward Throw, Forward Jump Twice into Mk, tiger knee motion into Ex Izuna Drop. Cacthes all Up-kicks.
  6. Forward Throw, Dash Forward Twice, Forward Jump, tiger knee motion into Izuna Drop. Cacthes all Up-kicks.

There are many other examples, but these are just a few. The hope is, if Fei is mashing he could potentially get countered by Izuna Drop. If Fei doesn’t do any thing, then you could possibly survive a punish if Fei doesn’t react soon enough.

Now my friend, that is some good stuff!
But unless you mean them as an Option Select, they are kinda risky no? We don’t want to whiff one of these for nothing and leave the opponent a chance to fully punish us…I think that if you are real close to Fei when he does the running away Flying kick annoying thing of his, he will just fly over you, and then you have to condition yourself to punish him as soon as you see him flying. Personally I like EX Hozanto.
Anyways, as an option select, your idea is awesome. It even inspired me into making a video.
Don’t know if this has already been posted by someone somewhere (if it was, pardon me), but here it goes!


Inputs on the description of the video!
I think this works best in the corner (where Fei longs tend to reversal flying kicks to try to get away)

^ I don’t know if anybody posted a video yet on that, but that’s good stuff anyway. Yeah I was just letting people know that it is possible to beat Fei’s Up-kicks using Ex Izuna Drop in the right timing. However you choose to use it, that’s up to that person. Good video.

Speaking of this match up, I just saw one of OTinhoso vs Mago on the Topanga stream. I like how you taunted him at the beginning. You did pretty good, also.

The taunt was just a hand-wave! I used to have classes with him.
But he killed me easily man…I couldnt do anything…XD

@ Pedro Marques

Regarding my post above about Izuna Drop. I found you can use TK Izuna Drop in the other direction as well as forward direction. So Guy can whiff Izuna Drop forward or backwards, if this helps.

-Frame Trap against Up-Kick, Rekka and Normals-

*crHp, crMp (buffer Ex Hozanto or Run Slide after crMp)

Can beat all Normal Up-Kicks, can Whiff against Ex Up-Kick, can beat Rekkas and can beat all Normals.

You mean :qcf::ub:+:p: right? That helps a lot, I think it will be much more difficult to punish even if you do it for nothing.

You can do backwards, neutral and forward, Neutral I believe is the only one that takes time getting used to doing because, you’ll sometimes be tempted to just do up forward because its easier and closer and you don’t have to return to neutral for a slight bit,

First post updated with AE 2012 information about Fei Long. :tup:

From my testing, all normal Rekkas can be punished on block with Ultra 2. Also Low and Medium Chicken Wing and Fei’s Overhead, can be punished with Ultra 2. Ex Tatsu beats Fei’s Overhead on block as another option. Ultra 2 also beats Flame Kick, FADC and Ex Hozanto beats FADC into back dash. Far stMp beats Fei’s crHp on block Mid-Screen only, as far as my testing goes. And finally, Hozanto beats Fei’s Ultra 2 at any moment it’s activated.

Optional Punish: crHp, stMp into Medium Tatsu. Mid-screen does 240 damage/ 420 stun; Corner does 280 damage/ 460 stun. I think this punish substitute crHp, stMp into Ex Hozanto (256 damage/ 460 stun) and helps reserve meter while pushing your opponent in the corner.

Is it space dependent as opposed to EX Hoz/Runslide.

Yes it’s space dependant, but works surprisingly well. You can be about a step away and still land the combo. A frame trap I just tested; crLp, crLp on block, then crHp, stMp into Medium Tatsu works even on a crouching Fei. Works in Guy’s Run Slide Neutral Jump set-up and any Jump-in combo.

Optional Run Slide Mix-Up: a.) After Run Slide, Dash Forward twice then do crHp to start your combo. This beats Throw and Crouch Tech on wake. If Fei block the crHp, then it can work as a frame trap against him. Example 1; crHp, crMp then buffer either Medium Tatsu, Run Slide or Ex Hozanto. This beats any normal Up-Kick and can make Ex Up-Kick whiff. Example 2; crHp, stMp into Low Hozanto to beat any normal attack and Rekka. As a mix-up, you can Throw after the second forward dash if Fei is defensive. b.) After Run Slide, Dash Forward twice then Back Dash quickly. Any Up-Kick from Fei will whiff and if he does a late Throw, you can punish it with stMp or Target Combo. c.) After Run Slide, Dash Forward Once then do crHp as a bait. Your also at the perfect range to punish a potential back dash with Ex Hozanto. There’s also alot of other things you can incorporate in this set-up such as Overheads. (note: This set-up also works on many other characters such as Cammy).