Arcade Edition Match Up: El Fuerte

I’m not too sure if anyone covered this particular match up, but I just decided to start a thread and hear some methods of dealing with El Fuerte in general.

Although I rarely come across many El Fuerte players, I have a lot of trouble with facing against one. Especially his infamous rush down commands ( his Habanero Dash > Tostada Press / Fajita Buster).

If you have any solutions for this match up, then I will be happy to hear it.

simple this match is all about knockdowns, after that u get so many options on el fuerte its unreal. You can use lp shoulder during his wake up safe jumps overhead(forward mp) n, mix ups he can get out this by only using ex run/super or ultra but this match up is not easy if they get a knockdown u can get beat just as bad in the el fuetert can use run dash pressure on you also can make ur ex kicks whiff if u miss time ur ex kicks.

Thanks, Bushin-ryu comrade! I’ll try practicing these in the lab.

Some Disadvantages against Elf: 1. Run Slide, Neutral Jump into Hp, Mp and Lk will whiff. Mk, Lp and Hk works but you can only hit-confirm ‘once’ if you use Mk. 2. Cross-up Mk in the corner into Bushin Chain Back Throw; you ‘cannot hit-confirm’ into the back throw. If you Empty Jump you can only get ‘1 hit-confirm’ into Bushin Chain Back Throw in the corner. 3. Low Tatsu only hits twice on Elf. 4. If you do close stHk into Bushin Chain into Ex Hozanto, alot of times the Ex Hozanto will whiff mid-screen. 5. Ultra 2, then Cross-up Mk will whiff mid-screen. 6. Bushin Flip, Forward Dash, Forward Jump into cross-up Mk will whiff mid-screen. 7. Can only hit-confirm twice into Target Combo. 8. A shallow hit from crMk alot of times will only hit once.

Alternative Run Slide Set Up against Elf: 1). Run Slide, Back Dash, then quickly input Low Hozanto. Beats wake-up Throw, Normals, Jump, Ex Run, Focus. Elf’s Up Kicks will whiff and he can back dash. 2). Run Slide, Back Dash, into Medium Hozanto. Same as number 1 but can beat Back Dash, but Elf can Throw you out of it. 3). Run Slide, then quickly input Low Hozanto. Works as a Fake Hozanto, but is Safe from wake-up Super and Ultra. 4). Run Slide, Back Dash, then quickly input Low Bushin Flip. Caches Elf’s Back Dash. 5). Run Slide, Back Dash, Forward Dash into Throw. Caches Ex Run and beats Blocking. 6). Run Slide, Back Dash, into Running Overhead or Run Slide or Run Stop. General good mix-up. ‘Note: this set-up works best in the corner because you can mix-in Cross-up Mk and Wall Jump’.

For the Run > Slide input, can FADC be used for this? Because if I just did just a Run > Slide, the opponent will get a reversal. Or am I looking at this incorrectly?

EDIT II: Just tested to see if I can get a reversal with El Fuerte. So far, he can perform his Ultra I after the Run > Slide input.

@ Eirokaj For your first question, you want to use Target Combo into Run Slide or use a hit-confirm overall. I just stated it that way just to save space. To be fair you can use Run Slide by it-self to use as a Punish. You can FADC into Back Dash to be safe, if you choose. For your last statement, Elf’s Ultra 1 can stuff Guy’s Run Slide, Neutral Jump set-up. But you can use set-up’s 2, 3 and 5 as a counter to Elf’s wake-up Ultra 1. ‘If you want to test these out, just leave me a message on PSN later’. Hope this help.

Tostada Punishes on Block: 1. Habanero Dash into Tostada Press; recommended punishes are crHk, Ex Hozanto and Run Slide. Other punishes are stMp, crLk, Ex Tatsu and Ultra 1. 2. Habanero Back Dash into Tostada Press; recommended punishes are crHk and Ex Hozanto. Other punishes are stMp, Ex Tatsu and Ultra 1. 3. Wall Jump into Tostada Press; recommended punishes are crHk, Ex Hozanto, Run Slide, stMp, Bushin Chain and Ultra 1. Other punishes are All Normals, Ex Tatsu and Low Hozanto. Also a good thing to use is Medium Hozanto because it is Safe on block, does 32 Chip Damage, beats Back Dash, beats Run and shatters Ex Run, beats Jump, beats Focus Attack, beats Normals, beats Normal Throw and Whiff against Ultra 1. But will lose against Elf’s Ultra 2 and Super Combo.

When Fuerte goes for Tostada press or fajita buster on your wakeup, dash forward! Leaves him vulnerable and makes him go for more unsafe slides instead.

I have more practice in this match than I wanted and I can honestly say it’s one of the most silly. Most times when I play my friend who uses Fuerte well we end up not hitting each other for like a good 20 seconds, kinda just poking and teasing. But yeah, who ever gets that first hard knockdown has a huge advantage. Luckily for Guy at least, I’ve found that his run or Ex Run is a good escape tool. Generally I found it good to just go crazy against him. Or set your own pace. Fuerte does well at high speeds, but if you slow him down enough, players will get nervous and try to run a lot more than they should. Also, Elbow beats like so many things of Fuerte’s, Guacamole, Ultra 1, Tostada, and other things too. Since he doesn’t exactly have any great anti-air normals, it made approaching and spacing with Elbow a bit easier.