Arcade Edition Match Up: Abel

**So, what do we know about Abel? **

Abel’s main objective is to weave his way in your face and knock you down. Once he is successful, he will use a myriad of block strings and his command grab to decipher the type of player you are. Abel will be progressively successful during the subsequent mix up attempts, making this match up more of a game of Roulette than Street Fighter. This is why Abel is sanctioned with the title of “Mix Up Master”.

What can I learn about Abel?

All of Abel’s frame data can be found on the SRK Wiki.

Here are Capcom’s final documented changes for Abel in AE 2012:

For undocumented changes and discussion, please check out these threads in the Abel forums:

What should I be doing?

Staying out of mid range will be the key in aiding you to overcome the match. In fact, you will want to be directly in his face just about the whole time, using TC along with Run-Stop and crouching block strings to keep Abel under immense pressure. Frame traps and normal throws should be the main objective here. When Abel has meter, be aware of EX Tornado Throw. st.MK and st.MP can be used sparingly if you always seem to find yourself at mid range. Abel doesn’t have an air approach. If you find him jumping at you, check him with cr.MP, cr.MK or st.HK.

What should I be aware of?

-Forward Kick

This is the cornerstone of Abel’s offense. Regardless whether it hits or you block it, Abel will use it to initiate his mix up. You do not want to be in range of this move.


This is a deceptive move. It is Abel’s longest range poke that is special cancel-able.
It’s fairly slow on start up but it doesn’t matter if you’re standing. If you get swept
you will be on your back. This is a substitute for Forward Kick so you should also
beware of this move.


Why should you be scared of light kick? Damage wise, you shouldn’t. However, Abel will often use this at mid range to measure the distance between you to set you up for Forward Kick or cr.HK. If you are found in it’s range, escape by jumping back to reset the situation.

-Change of Direction

Abel’s version of the Rekka. This move in itself is a psuedo mix up. EX CoD absorbs one attack. All finishers are heavily punishable. Abel can also FADC from this move and create another mix up opportunity. Stay alert when you see this move and react as fast a possible.

Oh no! Abel knocked me down. What should I do?

This is the potential turning point of the match, where all of your efforts and hard work could easily become meaningless. Guy is not one to be put on his back. I would suggest that you practice in learning the minute differences between the light and medium rolls. Observe how active each of his rolls are. One is indeed more active than the other. But knowing what side Abel lands on is half the battle. This is what makes Abel extremely scary. Next is trying to figure out what he will do. Will he Tornado Throw? Maybe he will cr.HP but what if he does normal throw? I do not have an answer to that. It turns an already stressful coin flip into a dice roll.

My only advice is to try to set preemptive defensive measures. What this means is to remember if you were in this situation once before. If he guessed right, What was done to you? If you got away, what did Abel do upon your escape? This demands you to be conscious throughout the match and is something that should be practiced as a competitive player.

I knocked Abel down. Now what?

This is where Guy shines as Abel also has a hard time on the floor against Guy. His only form of defense is EX Roll or EX Tornado Throw. Bait those as best as you can. He has a few tech traps upon Abel’s okizeme. EX Bushin Flip Grab after Bushin Chain, EX Hozanto cannot be crouched. The same applies for a Run-Slide Knockdown. If you throw him far away, you can OS j.HK with normal throw if he decides to EX Roll.

Abel Specific
-cl.HK, st.HP, st.HP

Misc. Information
-cr.LK, cr.LP, BC does not work on Abel, as the second BC hit will whiff. Use TC as an alternative.

-Ninja Sickle upon Abel’s wake up will beat Breathless. If Abel immediately releases, you will be airborne and he will rush past you. If he decides to hold it, Ninja Sickle will hit twice, breaking his armor and launching him.


In conclusion, this match up simply comes down to offensive advantage. Be tactful in your rush down to keep Abel in place. If you get knocked down, well, let’s just say you’d probably be better off at a casino.

You all are more than welcome to add or update information about this match up. If anything I mentioned is incorrect, feel free to let me know.

Nice thread . I’ve had hard time against him .

Abel players like to mixup you , so they can keep you guessing … his wheel kick is a good tool to do this , but it can be neutralized by a all day .

Very nice thread man!
If I may add something, Abel also has the EX change of direction as a wake up get-out-of-jail card.
As you well stated, it absorbs one hit so they will use it when they have meter especially when Guy is doing a neutral safe jump after a shadow kick knock down. It is really annoying but punishable if you react fast enough. You can either throw, although the timing is strict, you have to get him before he hits you, or you can land and IMMEDIATELY do a EX BSK for the punish.
Also I wouldn’t advise jumping in against Abel, since he can anti air guy all day.
And against his heel kick, instant kaiten izuna otoshi works wonders
Hope it helps!

Let me remind you that if you do neutral safe jump on abel when he has meter he can only ex cmd throw you for free dmg and mixup possibility so that is out of the question. My best bet on a knockdown is to go for a fake meaty and then throw and mixup with a real meaty since abel has to guess if he wants to roll/ex grap/normal grab or ex change of direction. Abel standing lk is really annoying in this matchup, it’s range is really good and a follow up with he gets in for free, think it’s also a frame trap. I use and to beat is wheel kick or just block since a wrong space wheel kick is punishable with TC.

I forgott to say that Ultra 2 is THE ONE for this matchup!
If you option select ultra 2 you will shut down the ex rolling game on your safe jumps and jump ins,
And also, you ca use that against the ex instant grab, when in a neutral safe jump to turn the game to your side!

I’m actually really glad you brought up Abel’s EX Tornado Throw and its hit invincibility during its start up frames. Whenever Guy attempts the neutral safe jump attack after a connected Run > Slide, Abel (hit/strike invincibility), Seth (full invincibility), and T. Hawk (full invincibility) can just use their EX command grabs to blow through the attack and grab him. I’ve always wondered if there were a particularly timed “safe” jump setup against Abel that will beat the EX Tornado Throw and will still grab the EX Marseilles Roll with a buffered OS U2.

Has anyone tried this situation before? If a “safe” jump setup like this exists, I think it would be very helpful in this match up (even though I haven’t seen too many Abel players use EX Tornado Throw so liberally here). I’d record some of my testing later tonight, but I want to refrain from uploading anything to my YouTube channel until I get a capture card.

Streak that makes me want to try an empty jump EX Bushin Flip, I know it will avoid the command grab and you’ll have more than enough time to grab Abel but I wonder if he does EX Roll if it will track him and be practical.

That’s a great idea, but I was hoping for a specific setup that forces Abel to block. EX Bushin Flip doesn’t have hit/strike invincibility, so Abel could mash out a normal. In the scenario that I’m describing, Abel absolutely has to block. If he presses a button or tries to EX Tornado Throw, the “safe” jump will hit him.

not so ninja [e]dit:

I did some quick testing. After connecting a Run > Slide, you can delay your safe jump attack to beat a reversal EX Tornado Throw. However, Abel players can delay their EX Tornado Throw (not a reversal attack) or can throw out a normal attack that may beat your jump attack. So, unfortunately, delaying your safe jump isn’t foolproof at all.

Abel can do st.HP if you delay the jump. It’s just an icky situation overall for Guy.

While you probably have included all of this in your first post, I think linking to your thoughts on and approach to the match up back in Super would be helpful. In case anyone hasn’t read Kreymore’s post in March, here’s the direct link:

Kreymore, if you could copy the information below the line and paste it into the first post, that’d be great. :tup:

Here are Capcom’s final documented changes for Abel in AE 2012:

For undocumented changes and discussion, please check out these threads in the Abel forums:
[] Abel ver 2012 will cause Tears
] The COMPLETE Abel Guide!
[*] Ask 801 Strider

All Hozanto’s are Safe from Abel’s Command Grab on block. This will leave you room for frame traps against his command grabs. An example would be: Target Combo into Low Hozanto on block, then quickly input crHp, stMp into Run Slide. Another example would be: Target Combo into Low Hozanto on block, then quickly input Ninja Sickle (corner set-up). Final example would be: Target Combo into Medium Hozanto. Can beat out Abel’s Ex Change of Direction if he is mashing. There are many more examples, I just named a few. I think Hozanto is a tool used to push and used to keep Abel in the corner.

Just don’t ever do HP/EX Hozanto also dont FADC forward it leaves you at -3 i believe not only are you free for a grab,Super will get you as well and if you do it in attempt to Chip out Abel, Super will catch you.

Safe Jumping: Abel can stuff Guy’s Run Slide, Neutral Jump set-up with his Ex Command Grab. But Guy can counter or escape with Izuna Drop or Ex Bushin Flip. If you decide to use Izuna Drop and Abel Ex Command Grab, just Neutral Jump and start your combo with Hp for big damage. Guy can also ‘Forward Jump’ to safety if Abel decide to use Ultra 2 on wake. Also Guy can Fuzzy Guard Abel in this set-up by coming down with Hp and Jumping Away with Mp. (note: Abel can counter with Falling Sky). In other safe jumps, Guy can generally Back Dash to safety from Abel’s Forward Command Grab. For example: Bushin Flip, Forward Jump and Back Dash apon landing. Guy can generally Forward Jump to safety if Abel activate’s Ultra 2 when safe jumping. Just remember, Abel has other tools he can use to counter such as Falling Sky and Normals, etc.

Corner Carry: Back Throw then Command Run.

Bushin Chain can be connected after cr HP. Also works on Sagat.

Reverse Ex Roll: Forward Throw, Forward Jump and Whiff Normal Izuna Drop, Forward Jump Cross-up Mk. If Abel reverse on wake-up with Ex Roll, instead of rolling behind you (out of the corner) he will actually roll in front of you. This may be a tactic to help keep Abel in the corner.

Good Corner Set-Up: Forward Throw, Back Jump and just before you land Elbow Drop, Forward Jump with Mk (should land in-front), (Hk can be grabbed by ex falling sky). This can beat Abel’s wake-up Ex Falling Sky, Whiff against an early Ex Command Grab, can be Safe against Ex Change of Direction (first hit absorbed, second hit blocked). Guy can Option Select with Throw to catch an Ex Roll attempt or OS with Ex Tatsu to beat a wake-up Ex Change of Direction. If Guy jumps-in with Hp (instead of Mk) and combo into a Crouching Light, this can also beat Abel’s wake-up Ex Change of Direction, but Guy will be subject to crouching lows. Also Jump-in Hp (on block), Jump Away Mp creates a Fuzzy Guard. Also Low Bushing Flip uncrouchable can beat all Abel’s specials except his normals using this same set-up. And of course you can always change the distince on Jump Back Elbow Drop to get a perfect forward jump cross-up Mk if need be.

Some thing I was experiencing with: crlp, crlp (on block), Target Combo xx Run Stop. If Abel use Ex Change of Direction as a reversal, the first hit of TC will absorb and the second hit will create a counter-hit. Because it creates a counter-hit after run stop you can link it into another TC. The damage isn’t that great but I think it looks cool.