Arcade Cabinet Proposal

Hello, I was assigned to write a proposal for a business (ENG103 assign.) and I chose a local up and coming arcade/game trading center who has begun to acquire various cabinets. They have a few fighters, mvc2, umk, cvs, NO 3s or sf4.

I brought up the possibility of getting a sf4/ssf4 cabinet to the manager. We joked, but I would honestly go apeshit if they were to acquire one. Living in southwest michigan, it would be a historic thing for our scene. As impractical as it may be, im very interested in how one would go about getting a sf4 arcade, and if we were to really try, the process involved, how would it benefit our community/ business.

So what I’m asking is if anyone can point me to any resources in regards to purchasing sf4 arcades, any articles regarding arcade management, arcades and their impact on this decade, resurgence in the arcade scene? arcade owners who might want to share their story.

Although, logistically, getting the cabinet seems next to impossible, I want to write about this idea and the different dynamics involved.

I would appreciate any advice, direction, and resources.

Super Street Fighter IV arcade machine - Dedicated Machines - Full Machines - Arcade Video Game Coinop Sales - Coinopexpress for a real ssf4 cabinet or the one I have was much ,much less is a clone made by kray you can also find them used but thats really rare here in the midwest. I have an astro city cab that I made for the 2player side that looks nice and was fairly cheap some famous arcades like chinatown fair use custom ssf4 machines because the real ones are sssoooooooo expensive. good luck

awesome, thnx zenblaster