Arcade BP Ranking by Character

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I will try to update this post from time to time as long as the thread is active.

Character Ranking based on the average of top 10 BP Ranking of each character.

Ranking update 5/26/2014
1 Rolento 32482
2 Sagat 30135
3 Juri 29698
4 Poison 29569
5 Guile 28896
6 ChunLi 28583
7 Elena 27954
8 Rose 27845
9 Ibuki 27775
10 Ryu 27719
11 Yun 27530
12 EvilRyu 27355
13 Dictator 27027
14 Viper 26981
15 Hawk 26813
16 Ken 26733
17 Honda 26640
18 Adon 26177
19 Yang 26157
20 Gen 26125
21 Rufus 26110
22 Blanka 26065
23 Claw 26039
24 Zangief 25818
25 Hugo 25815
26 Boxer 25715
27 Guy 25655
28 Sakura 25569
29 Gouki 25538
30 Cammy 25367
31 Abel 25309
32 Cody 24868
33 Oni 24671
34 Dudley 24508
35 FeiLong 23795
36 DeeJay 23692
37 Dhalsim 23580
38 Seth 23400
39 Makoto 22800
40 Gouken 22634
41 ElFuerte 22419
42 Hakan 18244
43 Dan 14467
44 Decapre 0

What surprises me is despite the fact that everybody in Japan is teasing the fact Hugo sucks and stuff, his character ranking (and actually win % as well) doesn’t really reflect he’s as bad as what they say.

I think its just that Hugo has is a bit awkward. He doesn’t really play like most characters.

He has half screen reach but can’t really walk. No jab jab hit confirms. I imagine its a bit jarring at first glance when you don’t understand the rest of the tool set.

Kinda how most people assume 2012 Hakan is low tier

Hugo does have jab jab hit confirms… It’s jab jab jab and jab

why is Makoto so low?

To me I find this list really interesting because it’s based off a large pool of players and honestly if you played at arcades in Japan their average level is quite high.

I don’t want to call this a tier list because a lot of it is effected by the popularity of a character however it does give people something to think about especially when certain characters perceived really good like Fei Long/Cammy (even though he’s nerfed most players agreed it’s not that bad) not doing so great while other characters like Honda which people think is RIP in this version is doing ‘alright’.

Lack of a playerbase, which has always been her biggest problem in getting recognition.

Damn nobody using Decapre xD

Well, Hugo is one of the new characters in USF4. He adds something new to USF4 and is also very different. And if your previous main got nerfed or hasn´t received anything interesting, you might lose the interest to main them after all, then one of the newcomers might be a good option for the players there.

She isn’t out yet in arcade that is why. She was still in development when the arcade version released in april. She’ll be included in the update in june is my understanding.