Aquapazza: Queen of Hearts returns (sort of), coming to PS3!

At least according to Game Nyarth, Aquaplus will gonna show “a new 2D fighting game” (???AF?09???2D???) in the next moments on his Aqua Festa 09 event.

Aquaplus is known for Eroge games… so i dont know what to expect about this, except of course more ANIMU DONJON GAMES!!11

Game Nyarth is an awesome source for those things so lets wait…

EDIT: Game Nyarth THINKS (just rumours) that this new title is the NEW French Bread (Melty Blood) game!!


Just because is Aquaplus… so who knows.

atm machine

Thought of Aquarius, feeling excited.

edit: pin number

I wouldn’t call Aquaplus a ‘eroge’ company. Although their flasgship franchises has been ToHeart2 and Utawarerumono (plus their offshoots) in the past couple of years, they’ve released more than enough games to the general consumer market. And even back in the Comic Party days, they’ve been known for actual innovation in creative gameplays.

Plus, I wouldn’t call most of their recent games ‘eroge’ - i.e. titles like Tears to Tiara and Megido no Oka de contain nudity and sex scenes, but they’re far from the primary focus. Just like how nudity and sex scenes don’t automatically turn movies into ‘porn.’

But yea, my main point is that Aquaplus has real potential as game developers, and I wouldn’t underestimate them at all. Although breaking into the arcade fighting games market is a significant challenge on its own. But they already found success with SRPG, so this is their next big step.

Canned Dogs has info:

Is, indeed, a fighting game featuring Aquaplus/Leaf characters, and seems that the sprite works is like a “cheap doujin game” according to a fan of Aquaplus at the event.

More info on 2010… huh… Queen of Hearts 2010!

lol, my interest droped like 10 points with this news, lol

Getting a bit hype since Utawareumono was great, will probably play it for a bit even if it turns out rubbish. (Hell can’t do worse then MKV)

One year later this piece of shit is alive

[ARCADIA?u???O ?A?[?P??h??

Now got an official name: AQUAPAZZA

Remember that this is pretty poverty stuff, the last comment i read about the private event of this game that Aquapazza was like “a very cheap Doujin game”.

damn, i have forgotten about this, so after 2 years they are still planing on releasing it with, good luck with that

Apparently, Aquapazza is produced by Examu. So it should be very promising in terms of gameplay.

Other information known so far:

[]16:9 aspect ratio
]Featured characters will include those from ToHeart, ToHeart2, Tears to Tiara, Utawarerumono, White Album, Routes, Comic Party

Those names are making me think of Jojo’s.

Aquaplus Fighting Game Still In Development, Now Named Aquapazza Gallery |Siliconera

Pic thanks to Siliconera.

As orka said, Aquapazza is developed by Examu so the hype is more high, i guess.

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the game doesnt look so poverty
i read that its planned for arcades for this spring on NESiCAxLive system

btw its being developed by examu or only produced?

Sorry, I meant developed when I said ‘produced’.

And damn, the screenshots do look pretty good. New era of Examu domination is incoming.

EDIT: Mmmmm, cannot wait to use Tama-nee.

Oh wow the game has Karura as a character? Now that’s a badass girl.

Game better have Aruru with her fucking tiger and Oboro with Dori and Gura as assist attacks.

Wow, so this is EXAMU’s current project? ToHeartxUtawarerumono Fighter? XD I love Aquaplus stuff… :3

Give me ToHeart’s Remy (gotta love me some archer girl) and Utawarerumono’s Touka (or maybe even the archer traps ;D) PLEASE!!! T.T

This is pretty awesome, will be keeping tabs on this…


New era of Examination

Now on main page thanks to me, trolling tiem.

Now on main page thanks to me, trolling tiem.

Oh god Comic Party.

I can make a team of that tsundere chick with a nailbat and Taishi motherfucking Kuhonbutsu.

maximum hype achieved.