April Fools Thread Arcade Edition Mark of the Fate of 2 Worlds....2013

Don’t ask about the thread title…

Anyhoo…I had nearly fucking forgot that tomorrow was April Fools Day, so here is my annual reminder for all you guys. If you spot something that’s either too good to be true, completely and utterly ridiculous or even if you aren’t sure if it’s a joke or not then post it up in here. Everything is fair game.

I’m gonna to see what childhood memory Cartoon Network decides to rise from the dead this year.

Youtube’s is pretty good.


Nickelodeon apparently trolled people into waiting for a never-before seen episode of Rockos then played 10 minutes of a mayo jar.


thats trolling at its finest.

I’m thinking about trolling some of my female friends with messages.

google nose

look it up

Waiting for the inevitable gaming related pranks, such as headlines claiming Capcom is working with Keiji Inafune on a new Mega Man game or Platinum acquiring the Devil May Cry series…

A man can dream, right?



Adult Swim’s is annoying, last year was better.

I know right

Japan getting in on the action.

XBox site XBox-News announces new comic maazine with The Elder Scroll: Luffyrim, Call of Hoktuo: Black Ops, BioShock’s Bizarre Adventure, and Hunter x Rising

Some site posted an announcement trailer/site for a new game called MAN HUNTER for P.S. VaITA (obvious Monster Hunter spoof).

Meanwhile, residents of Shizuoka should get the hell out of dodge as the city has now changed its name to “Silent Hill”.
Stuff on the site include:
-An advisory for “dense fog” for today.
-A review on Witch hunts in schools
-Witch hunt of the week
-Random articles all pertaining the the story/characters of Silent Hill 1.

Steam registry listing for Half-Life 4…

Well played Valve, well played.

All the raid bosses for Borderlands are set to level 101 lol.

What was Adult swim’s april fools? I was busy playing Super Godzilla and Super Star Wars.

Comes with free 2nd dimensional girlfriend. Dude is happy as fuck, must be true.

Apple unveils a new gaming console to give Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo a run for their money.
I present to you:
Apple iPlay

LOL. That iplay shit is hilarious. Idk if you could consider it an april fool’s joke though, because they make it blatantly obvious it’s just a joke.

It had be rolling when they talked about angry birds.

Razer sent me an e-mail saying the Razer Naga Mouse can now function as a phone, using your existing number, through a new firmware update. Complete with pictures of people having a mouse to their heads.

I luled.