April Fools 2014 - Jesus they're starting early already!?

I thought I could hold off a bit but apparently some one out there attempted to jump the gun. As with previous threads if you see something that could be suspect then it might be a good idea to post it. Posting something that happened to you personally will be at your own discretion though I’d advise thinking hard on it before doing it.

To start off

Nestor in Smash

Thinking anyone would give a fuck about Smash Bros is the biggest joke of all.

And we’re off to good start!

Yeah…people ain’t waiting till Tuesday…

Stuff grabbed from Gaf:

Nintendo returns to virtual reality with Virtual DS, successor to the Virtual Boy

Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge

Square Enix has apparently changed every member’s name to Naoki Yoshida

They’ve also introduced the ‘Favour’ system for Final Fantasy XIV

Tim Burton is apparently doing a Killzone Movie

One day I hope someone is smart enough to announce a game on april fools acting like it is a fake game, like Shonen Jump vs Capcom, then the april fools was that the game was actually real

I’m merely waiting for Google’s.

inb4anotherCVS3 :mad:

lol, maybe they will step their game up and release a fake teaser.

Didn’t see above.

I just found Squirtle in Roppongi. He now has AIDS.

Sooo Capcom had a Megaman X announcement to make…

Capcom, unless you’re announcing a new game, **SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT MEGAMAN.

Do I even have to say it anymore…

Two words.

Welp, I’m butthurt before April Fool’s Day begun.

World of Tanks introduces a new game mode

Watchdogs takes a further visual downgrade

Nyaiba: Nyanja Gaiden Z

Rob Ford to be made a playable leader in Civ 5

Bulbapedia seems have a lot of canadian patriotism right now

Sega MEGAne Drive

Far Cry 3 Bloody Dragon?

[quote=“Sonichuman, post:14, topic:168139”]

World of Tanks introduces a new game mode


Bravo to them for this. I played the shit out of Battle City as a kid and would actually get World of Tanks if this were an actual game mode.

I like this video:

Optimus Prime announced as DLC for Titanfall

Apparently, Netflix’s recommended viewing includes a documentary called “Rotisserie Chicken” which is 90 minutes of watching a rotisserie chicken cook.

Lab Zero is tapping into their inner capcom, and pulling out some inside jokes