[April 6, 2013] Mage Gaming SATT BATT

We are a group that call ourselves Level Grinding. We help to spread and grow the FGC, WE SUPPORT EVERY FIGHTING GAME UNDER THE SUN. We host tournaments and casuals. It is 5 dollars for casuals and 20 dollars tournament fee. If you pay for the tournament you get free casuals for the entirety of the day. If you pay for casuals tournament fee is 15 dollars. Cash prizes are determined by the number of entrants to the tournament. The supported console is Xbox 360, and we have some converters for those of you that play on playstation. We are going to be shut down if we do not get enough players. WE need people in nyc to come out and show support. the following is the location of the tournament:
Mage Gaming
114 East 31 St., New York, NY.
(646) 535-8066

In addition to a cash prize we are offering 1st place a movie ticket that is good at AMC LOWES movie theater and participating retailers, restrictions apply, See back of movie ticket for further details.

Here is the facebook page for our group: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Level-Grinding/292255387511112
Here is our youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/LevelGrinding

What time do u have to arrive, in 1 of the games umvc3, and by converters do u mean that adapter to hook up a ps3 CONTROLLER to the xbox? Ive heard of them but always wondered how the button response is on those things. Thats so important for delayed inputs on umvc3 combo inputs.

Casuals start at 2:00pm tournament starts at 4:00pm. memebers that have used the converters do not notice input lag or do not complain about the input lag if there is any.