[April 27th] COUNTER ATTACK! - Chitown's Monthly! $500 in bonuses!

[April 27th: Counter Attack!!!]


Game Pazzo Presents!!!

COUNTER! - Fighting Game Tournaments, Casuals, and Training Sessions!

2011 63rd Street
Downers Grove, IL 60516
(630) 541-8719

Stream - www.twitch.tv/bgcallisto

Venue Fee: $10 covers the whole night(must pay at door) and $10 for each tournament game you enter(goes into the pot)!

First 10 Setups that are going to be used for Tournament Play for the majority of the day will get a $5 discount on venue. Please send me a message or post in the event what you will be bringing in order to get the discount. Upon arrival please state your name to see if you were added to the discount list.

Time: 10:00AM - 2:00AM

Over 13,000 square feet! Not hot and crammed tournaments here!

Game Pazzo, a venue that is already well known amongst the other gaming communities is now opening its doors for the Chicago Fighting Game Community! Game Pazzo is a very nice venue that is equipped with 24 Asus EVO Monitors and Consoles(360&PS3s) ready for you to get your gaming going!

The venue is very nice, has a full bar, grill/kitchen, stage, and lots of ample space for you to enjoy yourself!

Bring equipment; so bring your own CONSOLES, CABLES, POWER STRIPS and your own controller of choice! Although if you have a 360 you can bring your profile on a USB Hard Drive(make sure you know your password) along with your game and you wont have to lug your 360 around. Make sure you KNOW you bought the DLC content on the profile you are going to use!

Really would like to have the community bring another 10 setups for tournament play! So that is a FULL EVO monitor and Console setup, For the first 10 who bring a full setup the Venue Fee will be only be $5 as long as it is being used the majority of the day for tournament play.

TOURNAMENT LIST($500 in pot bonuses!)

Super Street Figher 4 Arcade Edition 2012(360)$100
King of Fighters XIII(PS3)$75
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3(360)$100
Tekken Tag Tournament 2(PS3)$50
Persona 4 Arena(PS3)$100
Mortal Kombat(PS3)
Street Fighter x Tekken 2013(360)$75
Injustice Gods Among Us(PS3)

Side Games List(if time allows/get enough participants)
GGXX Accent Core P
SF3 Third Strike
Super Turbo

Sign-ups 10:00am-11:30am (SSF4AE2012, MK, TTT2, KOF13)
Tournament Starts 12:00pm (SSF4AE2012, MK, TTT2. KOF13)
Sign-ups 4:00pm-4:30pm (UMVC3, SFxT2013, P4A, IGAU)
Tournament Starts 5:00pm (UMVC3, SFxT2013, P4A, IGAU)
Sign-ups 9:00pm-9:30pm (GGXXACP?, SF3:3S, ST)
Tournament Starts 10:00pm (GGXXACP?, SF3:3S, ST)

20 Asus Monitors for Tournament Play and 14 for Casual Play WILL be available!!!

There will be a DEDICATED CASUAL AREA, it is up to the community to bring these setups! We will have tables, chairs and power-strips along with 14 monitors there for casuals. Bring EXTRA HDMI CABLES and POWERSTRIPS along with your setups!!!

Are NEEDED to run brackets for each game and to get people to stations faster! Please say something if you are able to help out in some way!!


Blue Moon Pints!!

Goose Island 312

12oz Bottles of Ska Brewing True Blonde Ale, Left Hand Brewery Nitro Milk Stout, and Lagunitas IPA.

22oz Bottles of Stone Brewery Arrogant Bastard ALE



Contact Domingo if you have any questions!(630-550-3774, domingoayala3@gmail.com)

See you all there!

Sounds like fun. I’ll come give it a go.

This was a great tournament. Good work to everyone to helped make it awesome.