April 25-26th WCG Fighter Club

Sorry if this has been posted, but I’m still new to the site and community and hopefully this hasn’t been posted!

The WCG, or the World Cyber Games has announced that registration has opened for the WCG USA 2009 Championship Season. The first event to open for registration is the first ever WCG Fighter Club as a one-off event. The event will take place April 25th and 26th at the Samsung Experience in NYC. Top fighters will compete in the elite fighting titles of Street Fighter IV, Dead or Alive 4, Soul Calibur IV, and Virtual Fighter 5.

The event is open to the public for all competitors and attendees. Registration is free and players can sign up for as many games as they wish. You can register for the event at www.wcg.com/usa and to learn more about the WCG Fighter Club you can click here.

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