[APP] Street Fighter 5 Frame Data for Windows Phone

Hello there,

I just release an app, it´s the Street Fighter 5 Frame Data app for Windows Phone.
I made for fun but i believe someone will appreciate this, guess nobody does sht for windows phone.

Some images:



Just search for 'Street Fighter 5 Frame Data" on the Windows Store.
Also, i plan to update the character view for better contrast and add live tile functionality for every character.

Thanks, fell free to critique my app and i guess my poor english.

you might get in trouble when you use the official artworks.

Is this a universal app? Can I install it on my laptop it would be great to have that reference on a second large screen?

thank you for supporting windows phone

it says not compatible with my device (Lumia 950)

Sorry, i´m planning to update it for larger devices, also make it universal.

I usually copyright Capcom in my apps. I did for Ultra, Tekken, Guilty, got no problems so far.


Yes! Even if isn’t still compatible with my device (Lumia 920) I can’t wait to download your app. Thank you!