Anyway to turn Hori Tekken 6 Stick into a wired one?

Hori, T6, Wireless, lost usb wireless dongle. Anyway to make it wired…preferably somewhat simple method?

Also, anyone have a good beer they can recommend? I’m more of a lager type.

Why do I feel like there’s a better chance of finding someone with an extra dongle?

I would recommend.chutlu ( however its spelled). I modded my hfs 3 and my tvc stick with it and it works like a charm. No soldering involved. All you need is a precision flathead screwdriver and some beer. Can help you on the beer part. I like alot of beers. Fat tire is really good and stands out to me. Hope that helps

I notice that your profile lists LA. Go hit up the J&J super modding crew, they’ll do everything for you, even recommend you good liquor.