Anyway to get the JLF to stop "twisting"? or to make it twist "not as easily"?

By twisting, I mean how you can hold the ball top and just twist it left/right while it’s in the neutral position.

I hate that it twists and it screws me up big time while playing. Hell even the ball top comes loose sometimes.

This is really annoying that it spins so much, so is there anyway to make it so that it doesn’t spin from simply playing with it in the palm of your hand? Does the bat top make any difference in this?

If the ball comes loose, just open the joystick, use a flathead to hold the screw on the bottom of the joystick and tighten the ball. I have both bat and ball tops and you can twist them even if its tighten all the way,but it shouldnt get loose

Are you gripping the ball?

I never had this problem. I “loosely” cup the ball between my thumb, palm, index finger and middle finger. I just kinda tap/push the ball around when I play, but never really grip onto the ball.

you can wrap teflon tape on the shaft top afew rounds then screw in the ball.

Works fine for me !

ok well maybe i didn’t say what I mean properly …

the balltop coming loose aside, what i am talking about (even if you take the ball top off) is that if you just grab the shaft of the joystick, you can twist the joystick. as in, it will rotate 360 degrees by spinning it between your fingers. i don’t mean moving it 360 degrees like zaangiefs move, i just mean twisting it while it’s in the neutral position.

mine seems to “twist” in that manner a bunch while i’m actually playing.

no one else notices this or has that problem? that is the issue i’m trying to fix.

i will tighten the ball top though with the screw driver on the bottom like suggested, tanks!

No, there is no way to stop the shaft from spinning, at least as far as I know. Just something you have to get used to, there’s really no way to stop it without impeding the movement of the stick. It’s how it’s designed.

It isn’t a problem that the stick twists its made that way tighten the top properly though. the stick twist is something you’ll just have to get used to.

Even Happs sticks do this. Just to a lesser extent because the spring on them is so much stiffer. You can put in a stiffer spring to lessen this effect but it’s just a common thing to joystick design (unless it’s an uber-cheap one).

You can’t stop the shaft from spinning, it’s designed like that. If you don’t want the stick to move, use a flightstick or something similar that has a notch in the shaft to stop it spinning. Don’t think it’ll be much good for fighting games though.

I personally like it that it spins. If it were locked in place it would be too restrictive.

well I’m coming from using Happ all my life till this sanwa stick i just built, and i just don’t like that it spins. i have a happ stick and i now have a sanwa stick, and i just prefer the way that the happ doesn’t spin. maybe the bat top will help though, but i know my happ one will not spin at all unless i force it.

i have already put 2 other springs (for a total of 3) into the JLF so help stiffen it a little bit, which has helped for sure.

so there are no mods that anyone has done to get it to not spin?

thanks for the replies guys.

I suspect you need more practice working your arcade stick peripheral. If you’re spinning the stick while playing then you’re doing the equivalent of a child trying to jump with the controller when they play their first video game.

to be honest with you, i never noticed myself spinning the shaft as i play.
but about the balltop unscrewing itself, use pipe threading and a flathead screwdriver to tighten/loosen it.

You must be moving your elbow a lot to notice it spin. My elbow is for the most part stationary, or sometimes I just use my fingers to move the stick while my hand rests on the box.

So since it won’t completely stop twisting apparently, does anyone know of a mod to make it so that it takes some more force to make the shaft twist?

I actually like the shaft spinning. It makes it easier for me to do QCF’s sometimes. Weird

I used this to stop the ball from coming loose.

i actually feel the same way, it was weird to me at first coming from HAPP sticks and d-pads but it rolls nice and smooth for me now. and to the OP, if you are worried about it go back to happ/il, otherwise all you can do is practice and get used to it.

obviously the main reason a happ doesn’t turn is the square actuator, but round actuator + gate = free turning shaft. =[ so i don’t know if you can really mod it to stop that.

Some guy did mod… I think a LS-32 so that it wouldn’t spin when he put an amiga style handle on it for playing sensible world of soccer… I cant find the thread now but if you look through the custom stick thread I’m sure its there

I have Happs that turn just fine. It’s just nowhere near as freely as my Sanwa sticks though.

lmao play sf with a saitek man that shit would be hilarious. Although i think guile would be kinda partial to you :wgrin: