Anyway i can add bluetooth to arcade stick for PS3?

Im in the process of modding this Mayflash USB universal arcade stick with new buttons and joystick. I wanted to also make it so it was wireless as well. any ideas?

Find a sixaxis PS3 controller on ebay, (or if you happen to have a 1st edition dualshock 3, produced in the initial 2 months of dual shock 3 availibility, Identifiable by having a seam around the L2, R2 trigger. Best to just get a sixaxis to be safe.)
And a Toodles axis adaptor. You would replace the PCB of the mayflash.

If you want to dual mod then you need a Leo V2 board. Much harder to do. Dual modding requires the battery to power both PCBs even if you are using 1 for it to work and will drain the battery quicker. It is best to have a wireless stick to not be dual modded. But if you can accept that there you can get one here.

You will need the PCB from a wireless controller. My honest opinion is to pass up on the wireless but that isn’t base on any tech reasoning rather I feel wired controllers are more reliable/ feasible.

Most 3rd party Wireless PS3 controllers relies on a USB dongle instead of using the PS3’s bluetooth, as a restriction from Sony
Not many people bothered with some of the 3rd party Wireless controllers so I can’t recommend which one to use

There always the offical PS3 Controllers, using there PCBs for your project.

For use with the Six Axis controller board
the Toodles Axisdapter Board and the Project Leo board both make wiring to the Six Axis easier with all necessary resistors put back into place
Removing the plastic membrane for the mod will also remove resistors that have to be later re-added to make the controller function properly

The Axisadapter and Leo boards do not work with the newer Dual Shock 3 PCBs that are on the market now.

There is a way to wire up to a Six Axis or Dual Shock 3 with out an adapter board shown here

Don’t forget that wireless controllers are banned at Evo & most affiliated tournaments.

Good point.Most Tournaments don’t allow wireless just because there the chance of accidental/ intentional interference for a match in progress

the next stick I mod, will be for tournaments and will be wired. but the wireless setup I hope to build will be for the house

Modding a mayflash for this isnt too bad with a Leo board or axsis adapter but honestly I would reccomend to anyone doing this instead on a custom stick not a store bought… kind of a waste of PCB’s since there isnt an easy way to use the origional PCB for the same function… unless that is you dont use the origional PCB in the mayflash to begin with…
and like the others have stated… it is a big drain on a battery if you choose to dual mod it… better to have this mod for one console only… I dont believe theres a way to do wireless using the multi console pcb’s like what the mayflash has…

this stick is just USB/PS2 so theres only one console PCB.

thats the one i have