Anyone with experience of ALL the Seimitsu buttons? (Comparo questions)

I’m experienced with the Sanwa snap-ins (TE ahoy!), and near as I can tell, the screw-in variety looks/acts the same. I don’t have any personally, but pics and such seem they would feel/be the same.

I replaced the Sanwas on my 2nd TE with all Seimitsu snap-ins and I love them. Shortly after that, I received some Seimitsu all-black screw-ins and became disappointed. Quick breakdown is that the snap-ins are flat-top, and very low profile button height. They barely stick up over the base. Screw-ins are convex, and the height is a bit higher than Sanwa. I don’t like this.

Comparable height would be lowest-highest:

Seim Snap / Sanwa / Seim Screw (respectively): _ / = / E ( <- I hope that made sense)

Sorry I don’t have a picture at the moment to explain, but anyone who’s used them would know what I’m talking about.

So my question is, are the clear/translucent ones more like the snap-ins, or more like the screw-ins? Or for that matter, are they more like Sanwas in relative height? I’d imagine the plunger is Seimitsu in feel, so the spring is probably a bit stiffer than Sanwa.

PS-14-G are the only Snap-in Buttons that are flat.
The others; PS-14-K, PS-15, PS-14-P, are not.

Beyond that, what’s the relative height of the K/15/P though? Because the GNs that I have are a bit “high” for my liking. When I look through LL’s pics, I see that the KNs (translucent) seem to be a bit lower than the GNs. And when I look at the GNC (solid/clear), it looks pretty much the same (unsurprisingly) as what I have, just different button top.

I like/don’t mind convex, and height of Sanwa. The weight/spring of Seimitsu, I do like. The KN translucent variety I’m interested in. But if they’re the same height as the GNs, not sure about them at that point.

do the Seimitsu PS-15-BK buttons feel the same as most other seimistu buttons? and would they fit in my hori real arcade pro vx sa?

Seimitsu makes a non-convex screw in button.


PS-15´s are one of my favorites, but you need to mod them with Sanwa microswitches (SW-68), it is a much better feeling (atleast I think so).
They would fit your VX SA with no problem.

I’ve had experience with the PS-14-G, the PS-14-P Pearls (my favorite Seimitu button), and the PS-15.

Of of those three, the PS-14-G is by far my least favorite. I had experience with those on the HRAP 3 SE where they were OEM buttons. First couple of times I played with them they seemed fine (but notably less tactile than the Sanwa’s) but later they had issues with the stupid plungers getting caught on the rims. They have these visible, very ugly drilled sideholes on the plungers that I haven’t seen on the other Seimitsus and Sanwas.

Like I’ve said many times before, I like the Pearl buttons best of all the Seimitsu pushbuttons. They feel very close to Sanwas. Unfortunately, they’re getting rarer, no signs of of new production of them, and several colors are hard to find (blue, white). Until I saw pictures of the white pearls, I thought they were just urban myth! Pearls are also harder to color-coordinate and match up to art schemes. I got lucky with my original order of Pearls and customized my second Mad Catz Round 1 joystick to a Superman/Captain Marvel theme.

Personally, I think the PS-15’s are the nicest Seimitsu 30mm buttons still in production. However, the first time you play with them, they feel hard. A couple of hours of concentrated playing (Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, Samurai Shodown, etc.) will ‘loosen’ them up a bit. They still feel a bit harder than Sanwa buttons (difference in microswitches I guess – I still have the OEM microswitches in my PS-15’s) but are otherwise quality pushbuttons.

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but they fit in the vx sa without modding right? modding them with the sw-68’s isn’t necessary, correct?

Yes. They are standard 30mm buttons, which will fit the VX-SA just fine. Modding with Sanwa (SW-68) microswitches is not necessary. It only changes the feel of the button to be more like a Sanwa button.

thanks for clearing that up. im using the stock sanwa buttons right now and i prefer the clickyness of seimitsus. the seimitsu PS-15-BK buttons look cool and they’re on sale so i think im going with those.

PS-15’s get looser after you’ve played with them.

That first day breaking them in, my fingers felt bruised…! After that, they’re fine but they’re still not as soft as Pearls and Sanwas are.

They’re criminally underrated buttons, IMHO. Plenty of colors there you just don’t find in other Seimitsus or the Sanwas for that matter.

Putting up pics of my modded Mad Catz TE R1 here since somebody asked me in a PM… These are links to larger, high-quality pics of the joystick. All arcade hardware pictured is Seimitu including an LS-32-01. Only the red meshball is Sanwa. Pearl colors are orange (shows up yellowish here), red (looks like hot pink), and blue. Artwork was scanned from a hardcover graphic novel, composited in PhotoShop and printed out on regular laserprint paper and laminated. Plexi is Art Hong.

Whats the difference between K and G besides G being flat buttontopped, is it just the translucence and or a different switch? I looking for a button that has chewy type actuation and not as sensitive as sanwa as I am rather heavy handed, I added the silencer foam to get a chewy feeling to my sanwas. Also, are there any good data threads/reviews on seimistu, having a hard time finding things in this forum?

I just got some PS-15 recently that I’ve been using and I like them the most out of all the Seimitsu buttons I think.

Its hard to fit them into a lot of stick cases though, really only meant to be snapped directly into a metal panel. When I am done with my stick mod with plexiglass they won’t even fit anymore, lol.

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Also most people here avoid spongy or “chewy” feeling as you call it in their buttons, preferring a crisp action, alot of people want there controls to click.

It is why alot of people prefer screw-ins.

They don’t call em ps14gangstas for nothin