Anyone want to help make a template+fightstick booru?

Hey guys,

Given how big the “my new fightstick” and template threads are, I was thinking maybe we should create a booru using to host all of these? That way we’ll have better tagging support and it will be a lot easier for people to find.

It wouldn’t be too difficult to get running if we had some volunteers to skim through the template thread (take 20 pages or so each) and upload the designs. Ideally we’d get the username of who posted the pics as well as any of the links to psd files or similar things.

I’d be willing to set up the booru and come up with ‘standardized’ tags in order to get the ball rolling as well as take my fair share of the pages.

Sounds like an interesting idea.

with over 400 pages so far, breaking it down to people who volunteer you could do 20 pages in an hour prolly, lots of comments, maybe batches of 20 pages ?

I’ll help if d3v does… ( d3v is soo effing cool )

I’ll at the very least share all the stuff I made.

The question I have however is for the PSDs, since people don’t just use the JPEGs/PNGs posted, but the actual Photoshop files at 300dpi.

Well there’s a little spot to leave a description, so I was planning on having links to mediafire or megaupload or wherever the PSD is hosted. I’d say the image they actually upload be a downsized version and then just have links to the hires jpeg/png, psd, and other useful information like creator and art sources.

This could also be a good place to compile all of the png renders/cutouts, but we would want to tag them as such.

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If we could get people to volunteer that’d be great :slight_smile: This could take a long time, but with even ~10 people it would go much more quickly.

Sounds good, I’d be in. Problem is the sheer number of dead links, as well as those who never posted a psd. But as far as just a repository of designs, it sounds good.

i got lots of free time so im in
just tell me what to do because im kinda stupid lol

I’m going to set it up this weekend. I’ll start with the first 10 or so pages for now and layout some of the other stuff. You’ll probably be getting a PM from me and I’ll also post updates here.

We should obviously have blocks of pages “assigned” so we’re not posting the same images twice. Even with that, I’d imagine there will be duplicates, I’ve seen the same image posted a few times at different points.

just trhorwing off an idea but how about launching a site like that :
CoolMiniOrNot - Space Ork Boyz by leo987

but with custom/modded fightsticks instead.

@Ajunta: It’ll sorta be like that. My main goal is to get the template one working and after that (hopefully) gets adopted we’ll either make it more friendly to actually existing sticks or make a separate one.