Anyone want know an Abel player name NekoJita?

I am probably going to get flamed for this but meh… It’s bothering me…

For anyone that watch crosscounter, specifically the episode where Zhi interviews Kim1234, Kim mentions he lost to a “girl” at Godsgarden… Here’s the episode:

Just skip to 6:25

Now undoubtingly, this was the game at Godsgarden he was talking about…

That’s a pretty scary Abel. Probably one of the best… Nekojita should be the best female SF4 player… If you skip to 2:40 you’ll see one player get up with a purse. This must be Nekojita, No face…

Since I was curious, I looked around…

-_-… WTH… Was he a dude carrying a purse at GodsGarden??? Was it so dark in the room Kim couldn’t tell??? Or were they just false rumors that he lost to a “Girl”??

Didn’t you know, it’s fashionable to carry purses around.

It’s not a purse. It’s a European leather carry-all.

Come to New York City and head to Greenwich Village, Man Purse is the required fashion accessory.

Ala Seinfeld

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It’s a satchel. Indiana Jones had one.

How Dare YOU!! She’s a Nice Lady!!!

sorry OP, you got it wrong

the girl that he lost to(it wasnt streamed online), her name is Karasu(Crow in japanese), she mains adon(used to main claw) aka reiketsu’s (claw/yang/abel player) gf

and yeah, nekojita be rocking that man purse thingy… when i first got here i was weirded out too seeing males rocking something id consider as female-ish stuff but sall good now lol

Nekojita is the best current japanese abel iirl

in my ranking I put him at #2 overall behind our resident hero juicebox

and i put them behind myself… the true best of them all :tup:

I put mine near the bottom, by my estimate somewhere around #11,500

Nekojita appears into cross counter asia doing running sets against Xian’s Gen, and if you guys saw and now what he did with focus cancel into skills, please teach me …its so sick…