Anyone selling INNOVATION converters?

i dont know if this is the right place to start a thread like this, but i was wondering if anyone has a PS2 to Dreamcast INNOVATION brand converter(s) for sale at a reasonable price?

to be more specific, i live in the southern CA area and would like to test out the converter if possible for the transaction to be complete if anyone is serious about selling their converter(s).

thank you

wrong thread to ask in. Ask in the Trading Outlet.

We have a trading outlet…also ebay. I don’t see why you need to test it. It works pretty flawless.

The innovation converter works fine for me. No need to test unless you have some bogus 3rd party playstation controller. It works fine with the Namco joysticks I have and 1st party PS1 controllers I have.

I bought an EMS converter off Ebay. Ps to DC, works fine.

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