Anyone regret their purchase?

Not sure if I do yet. I really didn’t want to wait until King of Fighters 12 came out so I picked this up. Maybe I’m just not that used to it.


I love it. I actually like it even more than I thought I would. I never played the GG series so I didn’t know what to expect. It’s great. Super fun, insane combos, incredible soundtrack. What’s not to like?

Yeah it is a little fun for me. I’ve never played anything GG related so it’s a new experience as well. It’s growing on me, but not so much yet. I’ll give it another week or two.

play the game before you post please. waste of a thread imo. no idea why I responded other than the booze that’s runnin through me…

I’m digging the online features that SF4 doesn’t have. Lazy ass Capcom…

If you came here expecting SFIV of course you’ll be disappointed. Blazblue is all about execution, while SFIV is all about strategy and guess work.

If you aren’t going to put the time into learning your characters long-ass loops and combos, then you’re not gonna have fun. 5A->DP into nothing ain’t gonna fly here.

The game is much better than I expected. It’s fun playing with my friends and the network is admirable (take notes, Capcom) especially with the Japanese players but sad to say that I doubt I’ll ever be playing it again once KOFXII comes out.

Oh, and to answer your question-- no, no regrets here.

This was a huge wakeup for me.

SF bread and butters are 3-4 moves.

BB BnB’s are like 10-15 moves that require tons of canceling etc. Like Noel’s BnB has throw cancels, which are like FADC’s but harder haha.

Fuck no. This game rocks. Having mostly played Capcom and SNK titles, this is really really refreshing. Get King of Fighters XII too. Gotta support quality 2D fighters.

Exactly my point. I got Sagat’s,, c.lp->TU->FADC->etc etc to come out 90% of the time in like 30 minutes of practice. Right now in BB I’m still having a difficult time doing more then 3 reps of Noel’s 6C throw loop after a good 4-5 hours practice. This game is hard, and I like that. Gonna prevent a lot of scrubs from plaguing the community/tourney scene like what happened to SFIV.

im still having trouble comboing into black onslaught
but this game fucking rocks
never regret this purchase
even my scrubby friends enjoy it

Not at all.

90% of this game isn’t trying to jump over fireballs. (this is a joke, please don’t cry too much. thx)

Well it’s still all about strategy and guess work at high levels, there’s just more execution on top of that. I’m sure that’s what you meant tho.

I regret not having enough money to buy copies for everyone I know…

i’m starting to regret it and thinking about selling it. it’s requires too much canceling for my taste and combos are insane to pull off.

i’m not saying it’s bad. it’s a beautiful game and the characters are cool, but i just don’t really have the patience or coordination to take this game very seriously.

i get my ass kicked alot online. maybe it’s because i main Bang.

i am really on the fence with keeping this one. it’s so appealing and great but when i put it in, it becomes instantly frustrating.

… it’s been two days. Come on now.