Anyone plays over Xbox Live

Hi there!
i’ve just gotten hold of Street Fighter Anniversary for the Xbox and Xbox Live. I’ve only played for about a week but last time i checked my weeks ranking it was 40 something. My total raniking is 340 something. Anyway, you can wait quite a while before you meet anyone and too often there’s a lot of in-game lag. It’s almost impossible to parry because of it but anyway what could I expect from a timing crucial move like that?

Anyway it’s damn fun anyway just to know that there’s someone in another part of the world playing the same good fuckin game you’re playing. And hopefully they’re having as much fun as you have. But anyway my question is: Isn’t there anyone here playing 3rd Strike over xbox live and whats your opinion of it?

thank u for killing my hopes and dreams

Maybe its just laggy cause hes playing people in Japan? Or maybe its just his connection? I really havent heard of it being really laggy.

Of course the lag depends who you play against and where in the world. Some matches are without lag but i still feel that the timing for parrying can be a bit off. it can make it a bit annoying against both rush-down and turtles if they know how to play - it’s hard to hit sometimes if you can’t parry. anyway, i haven’t had so much fun fighting over live since the arcades. peace

If you play at around midnight there’s no lag at all, congestion of networks during the daytime I imagine slow the connections down.

since when the fuck did SF anniversary come out on xbox!!??

its not out yet in the states, you have to import it.