Anyone play side scrolls?

mainly capcom sidescroll like cadilacs and dinosaurs,punisher,alien vs predator,captain commando,etc. post here if any interest. we can use finalburn shuffle which works great(for me anyway) and easy to setup. download here

Oh yeah, before I got into fighting games, I used to host 4p beat em ups like TMNT, X-men, Growl, Captain Commando, Simpsons, King of the Dragons, Battle Circuit, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Vendetta, Crime Fighters, Ninja Baseball Batman, Dungeons and Dragons, Bucky O Haire (like a 4p NARC game, excellent), Captain America and some other ones on kaillera all the time. We actually had a little AIM list of people who liked that type of thing, but I didn’t play these games much again when I started getting into fighting games. I still can though. I’m guess either me or Acidglow (probably Acidglow) know of the most 4p and 3p beat em ups playable on mame.

I also like 2p beat em ups too though its not quite as fun.

cadillacs and dinasours is great

allright I will talk to on aim sometime…try to get some games in :tup:


No Double Dragon ???

Unlimited continues kinda ruins the fun a bit.

Not enough quarters back in the day killed my fun even quicker:rofl:

sengoku 3 tricks.

I played a lot of Cads & Dinos, Captain Commando and metal slug in the past. Lil bit of Gigawing recently (not exactly side scrolling aye). The OpenBOR game engine also seems to be coming along nicely so there will be a few side strollers there that I would live to try out.

Except that The Punisher is the best beat em up ever and thats only 2p.

Punisher is not bad. Its fun, just never thought of it as sticking out. For 2 player, my favorite besides any metal slug and shocktroopers is a game called Spinmaster’s Miracle Adventure. Its not exactly a beat em up but its awesome.

Double Dragon on mame isn’t very good at all honestly, the NES versions are better and have more charm.

Metal Slug is the awesomeness, but over kaillera I almost always get a lag out.

I’ve tried playing the old school xmen, but we’re retarded and enter like a zillion billion credits, and someone DS’s then we’re screwed.

Unfortunatly I have to agree =(

more info on openBOR please. my searches returned nothing. the main site for it is crap. thanks!!

No love for Elevator Action Returns?

thx sir.

whats the name of that one old x-men game that you could play with 4-players? ya know the ones where you fighting sentinals n stuff…

edit: found it that game is the shit if yaw wanna play that then hit me up

Well guys, if you feel up to it enough, just AIM me.

Anyone try contra over kaillera is any way?

Only the original though, if anyone knows a way to play that let me know.