Anyone order from vgonetwork lately?

Has anyone ordered any sticks from vgonetwork lately and recently received it, cause i still didnt get mine yet.

I got notification that mine was mailed on 12/13 and still haven’t received it. I was going to give it a couple more days then get to investigating.

Hello guys.

I don’t know why you didn’t receive your sticks as of yet, but I do know that all orders were shipped out. If you have more questions you can email this guy… as he should be able to track the packages.

Also as a reminder, all were shipped via USPS. The USPS guy said something about 2-10 days depending on location and it might be more because of the Holiday rush (USPS doesn’t deliver on the weekends or Holidays).

Happy Holidays :slight_smile:

itsutsu, can you PM which stick you order and which email you used to order it so I can track it for you? I know a few sticks got delayed cause we caught the POST OFFICE holding a few of them over the holiday and were finally shipped out of their office to their destinations this week. USPS also takes forever to show what’s going on their tracking system unlike UPS so please take that into consideration.

I’ve been talking to Harry over the phone about my 2 HRAP1s I ordered. I just got off the phone wiith him right now, and he told me that there were some problems with the post office in San Diego, i.e. Harry went over there personally and found that the Post Office did not ship all the sticks like they were supposed to before Christmas. Harry has been very easy to work with and he said he’ll make sure that you guys will get your sticks. I know he’s been pretty busy to get this whole mess straightened out. He told me that half the people received their sticks and the other half hasn’t yet.


Like I told Harry, if you guys used priority mail even though they don’t guarantee 2 to 3 days shipping, you should talk about getting at least a partial refund back because by definition, priority mail is 2 to 3 days. Or use a different Post Office that gives you better service.

thanks for the update!

I have not gotten my stick either.I got notification that mine was mailed on 12/13 as well.Should I investigate with Harry or give it a couple more days?

I’d drop Harry a line just in case.

Will do ,thanks.

Seems like most of us so far that are complaining that haven’t received our sticks yet, are those from the Houston area lol. :rofl: Discriminating against us Houstonians huh, j/k.

Yeah, I guess I’m part of the “haven’t” half as well (from Seattle, not Houseton.) I remember the tracker information for my order saying something like “noted for shipping on 12/21” or whatnot, so I guess I’ll just have to wait a little while longer. Too bad about the shipping thing in San Diego. If I don’t receive it in the next week or so maybe I’ll have to e-mail Harry again. Otherwise, I’m pretty happy.

My frothing demand for this stick increases.

Luckily since I live in San Diego, I just picked up the sticks I purchased from Harry. I’ll say paying the cheap price for the stick beats paying $120+ and 50+ on shipping… so I wouldn’t even mind waiting…(but it sucks that you guys are waiting) :frowning:

Fucka USPS.

USPS is usually pretty efficient in shipping out packages. I don’t know how the service is out in California, but in Texas they’re usually pretty good. Maybe you guys should check one more time to make sure they did get out all the packages because I still see no change in message in what my tracking number states.

Ed, I just got off the phone with the USPS guys and they confessed to me that sometimes packages that go out either priority or parcel post don’t get scanned in so, thus why online doesn’t update. I did call the main post office down here and they all say all were scanned in for transit. But its also up to the receiving post office to make sure to scan them. So if you want, call up the post office you normally receive your mail from, give them your track number and find out if they have it in the back just sitting there. They can’t miss it since the boxes says HORI on it and the colors would be green and white if its HRAP 1 or red and white if its HRAP 2.

Yeah I actually went to my local Post Office today to find out where my HRAP1s were after talking to Harry over the phone. I’m actually getting extremely frustrated with the Post Office like you guys are. From what they told me my two HRAP1s are still in transit between San Diego and Houston, but yet they told you guys they’re in Houston already. It’s funny because I got a call from the 1800 ASK-USPS people asking if I wanted to do a survey on the call I placed with them yesterday, to give feedback on their quality of service. I spoke my mind on how the USPS needs to improve the way they track packages. I swear you guys definitely need to demand your money back on what you guys paid for Priority Mail because USPS didn’t deliver within the 2-3 days as promised.

And they won’t be able to win that argument either even though it was during the holidays. I will be going back to the Post Office to check up on them tomorrow. I just hope you guys had insurance on those sticks.

I give props to Harry for going out of his way to sort this mess out.

Yay,I just got my stick a while ago.The stick looks beautiful.Hopefully Houstonians will get theirs today as well since were so close to eachother.

Did they bring yours to your door, or did you have to go to the Post Office to pick it up?

Yeah,they brought it to my door.I was sitting outside waiting to see if it would arrive to receive it because sometimes the mail men don’t even knock on my door to see if I’m home.My friend just got his too and we live about a block away from eachother.So today will be 3rd strike and CVS2 madness.I hope you get yours as well.Good luck.

No just checked the Post Office and my apartment office, USPS is making me feel like this :looney: and :confused:

wait they deliver on weekendS?!