Anyone on here offer rewiring services?

So I’ve had my dual mod Round 1 TE for a while now and it’s great except for one problem: the wiring is a mess. It’s tied off in a few places but overall it’s very confusing when swapping buttons and so on (a problem I’ve never had with my other sticks.) I just swapped my buttons and now I can’t get the dual mod recognition to work anymore, most likely because the wires for the select button got lost in the shuffle somehow.

I’ve seen a lot of posts on here and Joystick Vault etc. of custom sticks with incredibly clean wiring. Can anyone on here rewire my stick (for money of course?) This wouldn’t be a full dual mod mind you; it’s already dual modded with an IMP in it. Rather, I just want the wires gutted and redone, so other than the wires no equipment needs to be bought. Please post here if you’re willing to do this, as I’d greatly appreciate having this done before UMVC3 gets released. Payment up front including shipping both ways.

Sorry if this is the inappropriate forum to post this in but I figure you guys are the experts and its a specific service that I’m requesting.

Thank you!!!

I heard James&James SoCal Modding do really good wiring. :love:

PM with a price estimate, someone else has already PMed but both of your services look great :smiley:

Haha this would be fun…check out the threads in the trade forum. pictures say it all.

J & J do the best rewiring job in SRK. I have not seen anyone else do it better.

They make it look easy.

There is someone else who offers Rewire Service?
I thought we were only one on SRK.
No competition.

when i’m bored i just give it for free lol

i don’t tell them though
i like the surprise in their voices when they see it