Anyone of a place I can get old ps2 games that are new unused

I want to get all classic ps2 arcade type games.

like what games exactly


The street fighter games lol. Crazy taxi, virtua fighter 4, soul caliber, neo geo compilations, maybe ride racer.

eb games

are you new to video games?

lol indeed!

Also some stores have larger collections than others, Wal-Mart and Target and the like always tend to just stock the latest 25 games and best sellers, but other places like some that people mentioned EB games can have new games that never sold marked way down.

Also try Toys R Us, they tend to have a larger videogame section comparable to some of the videogame stores.

Then of course there are always internet outlets.

lol im not new to videogames. I am looking online and they dont have crap new. They hardly have some games I want used. Anyone know of a good website that has these older gems. I dont mind paying a lot.

:rofl: …But in all seriousness you can find some really good video game sellers on ebay,I bought a brand new wrapped game for $17 and it was worth $40!!!

Just type in the name of the game and look for the best deal…or best seller:confused:

i bought a new copy of vf5 for 30 :smiley:

For NeoGeo compilations, PS2 Metal Slug Anthology is a can’t miss. Also the newer Shinobi and nightshade games.