Anyone know where I can get the rubber Contact part for the Madcatz Fightpads?

Hello everybody. The piece I had got broken and I really don’t want to buy a whole new controller. I will really appreciate the help!

Moving to Tech Talk.

Also, you’re gonna have to buy a new controller.

If he has old spare controllers he can disassemble those and then remove the contact pads from them, and glue them in place on the MC pad. Or, he can scrape off the carbon contacts and then solder on tact switches :slight_smile:

are you talking about the rubber piece that goes in between the button and the pcb?
if so, I might have it when I gutted out a fightpad for the pcb…

Interesting…I’m in the market for one of these for my Shield. I contacted nvidia since my warranty is voided because I took mine apart. Maybe try contacting madcatz?

I was able to get a replacement by calling MadCatz

This is what i’m looking for.

For Mad Catz Fightpads, you might luck out and find someone here who has 'em lying around and can give them to you for free, since the Fightpads were well-used for dual-mods. Though I predict that the majority of dual-modders would’ve thrown them away long ago.

For other controllers, you will probably have MUCH more difficulty (ie, the Hori Fighting Commander Pro that seems like everyone’s breaking and trying to replace the rubber membrane).

Hopefully some modders might see this and remember to save there fightpad parts,

Yeah, definitely.

On the flipside, how many modders, even super-experienced ones, dual-mod using an MCC+ImpV2+4716/Fightpad these days? Don’t get me wrong, I personally love that kind setup as it gives an incredible amount of flexibility, and I’d still go that route in my own sticks if casing-space permits; but even I recommend using a PS360+ nowadays to all the clients that come to me asking for dual-mods.

i have a box full of modding crap that i will probably never use, including these rubber membranes. i was actually meaning to throw them out soon. OP if madcatz dosen’t send you a replacement membrane i can send u mine np.

call me old-fashioned but i still mod with a spare pcb and a DPDT switch. i salvage the pcbs from broken controllers i find on ebay for super cheap. most of my clients come with a manufactured joystick in hand that they want dual-modded and to keep material costs low and labor costs high i go this route.

same here, I have some extra ones… always down to help a fellow FGC buddy out!

Little late to the party but I have spare PS3 rubber pads.

hang tight, buddy! I’m sending it after work!

Thank you! I can’t play fighting games without my fightpad!

I just checked the mail, I got it! Thank you very much!

Not a problem!

Glad one stamp was enough with that greeting card envelope lol.
It was the only one I could find…

Well I hope you get your pad back in action!

Does anyone have anymore spare rubber contacts for the SFxTK fightpads? I need as many as possible both the d-pad and 6 button rubber inserts. I’m in the USA, NY.

I do. Ill send a PM later or you can talk to me in person in the SRK TT G+ Hangout live now.