Anyone know where i can get a PS2 arcade stick?

hi was wondering if anyone knew where i could get a reliable stick for my ps2. I live in the UK, coventry to be specific :smiley: i own a hori V3 for my ps3 so u guys think its possible to get that working on my ps2 somehow as an alternative?

T5 Anniversary, it’s a HRAP and a decent stick

thanks for the suggestion i’ll be sure to check it out xD


The Tekken 5 10th Anniversary joystick released in the US is NOT an HRAP joystick.
It uses the same body but the joystick and buttons are all Hori parts… The buttons themselves are soldered directly into what is one of Hori’s bigger PCB’s. The Hori buttons on this joystick are not-so-good. The Hori joystick itself is passable but still not as good as the JLF or Seimitsu LS-series.

That said, the case makes a good base for modding into a much better joystick. It is generally cheaper, though, to buy a used HRAP 3 or pay a little extra for a used HRAP 3 SA. Same case, better parts… No mods necessary to fit in better parts.

Japan also released a Tekken 5 joystick but it’s a different beast from the US.
The Japanese Tekken 5 joystick IS an HRAP joystick. It has a JLF control lever and uses Hori stock buttons. The buttons in this case are easily replaceable. I don’t think you have to desolder them for replacement.
The Japanese Tekken 5 joystick is generally harder to find than the American T5 10th Anniversary joystick.

You could dual mod it with a cheap PS1 controller. They cost 5 quid on Amazon.

You could also mod it with a single Cthulhu board for easy dual modding.

my bad, the T5 stick I had was a legit HRAP, so i’d figured all the T5 anniversary sticks were the same :confused: apparently not though. anyways thanks for clearing that up. I still suppose it’s a better option then going with a Mayflash stick. Would using a converter be cheaper alternative?

depending on the parts you like I hear the street fighter 20th anniversary arcade stick is great after a little modding

Don’t forget about the legendary Namco arcade stick…

^ this
I would have to say of all ps2 sticks that I am aware of that would be the number #1 choice to go with