Anyone know where I can find King of Fighters manhua/manga?

I used to read them but they seemed to have disapeared from my computer. So can you point me to it. Thanks in advance.

Come on guys, I know there are some KOF fans here who know of these mangas…

please. help. me.

You’re getting banned unless you delete this thread, son.

Can someone delete this thread…

Yuri and Friends ftw!

LOL not that crap, I mean the real thing.

The only good stuff out there was Andy Seto’s stuff, and that shit was getting pretty damn ridiculous, last I checked. So…Yuri and Friends.

Ebay,, comic book shop for the ones released in English by DR Masters formerly Comics One. I’ll try and have some more info for you tomorrow.

There are no real KOF mangas.

So since none of the stories matter and they’re all terrible, you’re better off just getting “Yuri and Friends”.

Here’s the KOF one, volume 1-3 are out. A little too much Ash Crimson for me lol!

You can find the Maximum Impact comic below, this one is suprisingly pretty good. Not really any nonsensical things like people regrowing chopped off limbs or dead people coming back to life, plus Terry Bogard was the man in this comic and Kyo doesn’t do jack ha ha! For a very odd reason Comics One / DR Masters released four comic book issues in one week and the very next four issues the next week, there’s no TPB that I know of. Visiting a comic book shop and going to their backbins is a really good bet, possibly.

Lastly there’s the SNK vs. Capcom SVC Chaos comic which is ongoing. The story is ludicrous and features things like people riding dinosaurs and everyone on planet Earth dying, the whole regrowing limbs ordeal but the artwork is pretty. Read at your own risk. :rofl: It comes out whenever and they are up to about volume 6, it’s almost finished. They released volume 1 twice to fix a lot of grammatical errors.

I hope that helps somewhat.

If you want to know where you can download comics that you can read for free, sorry pointing you in the right direction for that is against the rules. If someone knows and wants to PM you the info that’s fine, other than that can’t help you out much. Any questions regarding this just PM me, thanks.

By nature of this being a thread about downloading a comic, I’ll just give it a lock, no ban, no harm, no foul. Creating another thread if you want to talk about KOF comics is all well and fine. For anything else just PM me, thanks. :smile: