Anyone know the dude that recorded 3s onto his laptop?

there was a guy that recorded all the 3s semis from the big screen, he used a digital camera and recorded directly to his laptop. anyone know who it is?

yea i know who he is

or was it “yea i know him, but i don’t know who he is”

his name is matt and i believe he lives in vegas…might wanna try to hit up RUIN, i think he might know him

cool thanks

hahaha yeah that little faggot was recording all the matches, he’s the annoying asian kid. We all know him as gay matt or random matt.

hi ruin, can you do me a HUGE favor and get my match vs pyro? or his aim?
my aim is kofiend

the best part was how he got RF to tape a match for him while he hit the bathroom

does anyone know his aim?

I do but I don’t just wanna give it out. I’ll call him in a bit to see if he has that match

ruin, why you gotta hate on matt??! he’s my homie! WUDDDDDDDUP MATT!

cool ruin, thanks.
let me know whats happening

hey ruin, i m at a pc room but i m gonna ask my friend to run my aim screen name on his pc, can you have him send the video to “kofiend” on aim once you ve spoken with him? i saw the match off his laptop shortly after it happened so i m pretty sure he does

he’s sending to me tonight. He said he’s got them I’m at work I’ll send when I get home D:

wow cool, my friend will be on aim as kofiend, send to him please:)

sorry about last night, i ll make sure he leaves it on all day today and accepts the file, thanks