Anyone know how to unlock stages?

I fought in an awesome stage online that’s not in the stage select. It had Hoahmaru on the left chillin like a boss :smiley: How do I unlock it?!?

I was wondering the same thing cause I’ve fought on '96 Esaka online

Lets be more specific you guys.

Does anyone know how to unlock the 96’ Osaka stage from KoF XIII?

Also there is the 95’ Iori stage in the game as well but we may not get it until Iori with Flames comes out.

Iori’s 95 stage will be unlocked when you buy the DLC. With each DLC character you get a stage also.

I saw 96 Osaka as well. I guess you can just random it for now until it appears.

Yeah, you can unlock it.


Anyone figure out how to unlock the stages?

I heard they’re online only, but it wouldn’t make sense for the developers to do that. I’ll play around with the modes and see if I can find something out.

You unlock them when you buy EX Iori, EX Kyo, and Mr. Karate. MORE MONEY.

Is Mr. Karate’s stage the red temple with Moriya chilling on the left-hand side?

Cause yeah I only saw it online, and I’ll be kinda miffed if I can’t access them offline (where the tourneys/versus play/stuff that matters happens).

I noticed this as well, did you play against a japanese player or something? just for curiosity.

This actually, is the most likely answer. I didn’t play much online before iori dlc came out, but part of me wants to say his stage was online as well. We buy the character, we get the stage. >.>

That would be a fucking shame, what a dumb move on SNKs part.

While it’s lame that the stages are DLC, they do look very pretty.

Does anyone know when the other stages will be available?

96 stage will be available with NESTS Kyo DLC on the 20th.

Same with Mr. Karate’s AoF stage, when he gets released it’ll be available.