Anyone know anything about Digital Prints?

I was interested in getting a digital print on canvas but was wondering how they look in person. I went on ebay and found this Joker picture

I thought it was pretty cool. Anyone have any real life pictures of digital prints? Whats the quality like?


if done right they are amazing quality. My gf is an artist and has a bunch of digital prints she did.

Now if not done at high resolution etc they will look like “a picture of a picture”.

Either read feedback or try to see something in person is my best answer. But they definitely CAN look great

Thanks, it sounds like they’re pretty decent.

You wouldn’t happen to have any pictures of good quality ones do you?

The ones she has are “cartoony” and look like original.

From an “art” perspective, the big downside to “digital prints” is that they are reproductions. They definitely can still look “orginal” minus textures, etc. The color, shading, etc is indistinguishable from an original (at least for me, maybe some art buff could tell a difference)