Anyone Interested in SBO 09' DVD's?

I’m just checking to see if people would be interested in purchasing SBO 09’ Togeki DVD’s once they are made available. I was thinking of just the Street Fighter 3: Third Strike DVD’s at this point but I’d be happy to hear if there’s interest in other tournament games as well.

If enough people are interested I’d be happy to import a few DVD’s and distribute.

If you are interested please send me a PM or just post in this thread.

I’d be interested, do you have any idea yet on prices? A full set would probably be what I would be looking for.

I have no idea of any prices yet, just feeling out if there’s enough interest.

I probably won’t have a concrete price until the DVD’s are actually released.

playasia wants like $43 for each '08 dvd:looney:. if you can come in at a decent price i’d be interested in '08 and '09 third strike dvds.

Yea I noticed Play-Asia’s prices.

Since I’d be buying directly I can almost positively say that my prices will be cheaper than Play-Asia’s. If I can’t, then I won’t even bother selling since there’s no point really.

Will you stop, you made me sad already, that I couldn’t buy your other DVDs, and now your at it again? Just say no!

Anyhow :wink: yea great interest, albeit prob can’t get them atm, however! Wish you luck, and would be awesome if you could do it!

I’m interested.

I highly doubt it. If you’ve ever bought a SBO DVD you should know that they carry a 3,990 yen price printed on them (older ones 5,800) which actually translates to about 43.00 (I think the price raise was because the value of the american dollar dropped) Even the ones that are on sale in’s used market still go for over 30 bucks.

Now I’m not trying to rain on your parade because if you could get them cheaper that would be awesome. However I don’t think there is really a need because they’re already available at play-asia, yesasia, cdjapan, plus a wide varitey of online retailers people can order from.

EDIT: If you are trying to get them wholesale, this would be the place to start

Hell yes! Im interested!

It’s going to cost basically the same if you buy them from Japan or if you by it from Play-Asia UNLESS you plan on buying a ton, then maybe Enterbrain might give you a discount, but I think it’s not worth it.

I’d be interested in 3s and Guilty Gear.

Thanks for letting me know that there was a price printed right on the darn DVD lol.

I’ll keep an eye out for 09’s DVD’s and see if it’s the same.

Could you get a hold of '08 3s, GG and ST?

PM me and we’ll sort out the details.