Anyone in the greater Seattle area fix sticks?

I have a Happ 360 with a PSX pcb inside of my refurbished MAS box (this is the one with Roll in the upper left corner). The stick just crapped out on me, as it maintains an Up/Left input. I’m guessing that something is screwy with the wiring. The stick itself is relatively new (less than 6 months old, and I seldom play on this stick). Anyone in the greater Seattle area with stick building experience willing to diagnose the problem and attempt fix it?

Shame, as this was the first time since moving back to Seattle that I took the stick out to use. I was rather depressed after the last session at Zach’s. I’ve spent the last year learning MvC2, and much of that time practicing up Sentinel (Seattle pride). I could count the number of times that I’ve played Mag over the last 15 months on my fingers. And yet, when I took over for Zach’s game of MST, I realized that my amateur Mag is light years ahead of my much-practiced-but-still-amateur-Sentinel.

So, this morning, with nothing particular on my plate, I sat down to give the ole’ ROM infinite a second try. Alas, my stick crapped out on me. So, and stick makers in the NW willing to lend a hand? No big rush, as I have two other semi-respectable sticks.

Dunno yet. I may be qualified if I can properly modify my new HRAPS. Good luck finding someone!

Hey, sorry I can’t help with your problem… but I’ll add my own request for skilled hardware mod folks :wink:

I have a stock DC Agetec stick that I’d love to put Sanwa parts in. I’m really not that thrilled about modifying it myself though. I can do some lightweight stuff like wiring and minor soldering, but I’m not sure I’m up to modifying the actual casing, drilling, etc.

Anybody relatively local want to make some money doing the mod? I can get the parts, or buy NEW parts from you (not really interested in used buttons and sticks). So, anyone?