Anyone in INDIA out there who love all the popular fighting games?

I’m in India and I’m looking for to bring together as many indain gamers who love playing fighting games online on emulators so we can play with each other and avoid lag. I’m very much interested in games like Capcom vs Snk 2, Street Fighter EX2, EX3, Tekken 5 & 6(PPSSPP), Soul Calibur 3, King of Fighters maximum Impact 2(3D version) and any others if you guys like…so please if there are any fighting games lovers in India out there please do reply or pm me and!

I am happy that there others in India who play arcade fighting games…unlike the usual FIFA or CS…:)…@apathy4711 do you play on STEAM…MK, SF IV or Injustice…???

elusive666 mk i just installed but getting lag playing with foreigners, SFIV i used to play a lot and injustice well i hav yet to purchase it unless…what about any of the titles i mentioned above?

hey apathya .i m frm gujarat in india…i love only fighting games.nd played kof …sf…nd takken series alot…i m playing Takken 5 ,soul calibur,nd sf3 max.on ppsspp now.i cant stop playing my that games…i have to play online with frnds.on ppsspp…

sorry.not tekken 5.tekken 6 on ppsspp

hey bro sorry for the late reply…i would love to play all the games u mentioned in your post on my thread just let me know when u want to have a go…must warn u though im a noob so u might get bored winning all the time lol

anyone want to play tekken 6 ppssspp with me… i m from india… plz post your network id and password