Anyone here use Zero Delay? I can't find any reviews on YouTube

I need a ps3/pc fightstick rig, and this looks perfect. I only wish it were PS4 compatible (but I dont own one yet so it doesnt matter).

I also notice one with a green board and one with a baige one, I’m guessing that has to do with which chinese factory it was produced at. The reason I am not going Cthulhuis that the ZD comes with wires and stuff, and the Cthulhu doesn’t come with any such bundle which basically means an extra $20.

I’m torn between modding a PS4 controller and getting the ZD, so can we get some talk on experiences with the Zero Delay?

Incorrect - the brown board is PC / PS3 only and doesn’t support the PS3 Home button. The green & red board supports PS2 & PS3 and has a working Home button.

The only way to get PS4 working is to do a pad hack (very hard) or buy a brand new arcade stick and rip the pcb out of it (very expensive). Alternatively you could get a PS360+ board and get it to work on PS4 for up to 8 minutes.

Until a better solution presents itself you will just have to wait like the rest of us.

thanks for input. Seems that the good ZD is the way to go then. Worse case is I end up with an extra PCB if/when said better solution arises.

Zd works great for ps2/ps3/pc, great value. Might have to rearrange the directional pins, which is very easy.

Thanks for input guys…