Anyone here know how to make a comic strip or book

Hey Fan art crew sup, I’m here askin this question because I wanna make comic books and know how to do all of it from scratch by scratch. I was curious if any of your guys knew how it works. Do you draw the pictures and boxes seperately then scan and put the pics together on one page usin the computer? Or is it done another way?..

Thx In advance if anyone can help me out here.:tup:

There is no set way to make comics, but more often than not, a comic page is planned and drawn as an entire composition, rather than seperate images put together.

Where to start?

I usually have an idea years in advance before it even sees the light of day then Slowly I draw out thumbnails with the text and images. Then I pencil, ink then computer color. The latest Street fighter comic has a page that says that how the do their comic.

I used to do the uber budget photocopy self publish job many moons ago with computers or anything. Thats a good way to get your comic out there and most importantly have people read it.

Thx for the tips Chain and Munta:tup:

Which Issue would that be? Sorry my area hasn’t gotten no SF issues for months IDK why either it’s like there getting held back or Udon doesn’t care about the Bay Area Comic book stores.

Thats Street Fighter 2 issue #0 It’s only one page but I found it interesting all the same :slight_smile: