Anyone here know bout gps

tryin to shop for a gpa for my car. but idk much bout em and i really need one. i prefer and easy user friendly one with voice.

im debating out of these 2,

does anyoen here have exp with any of these? my budget for gps is nomore then 100$. thanks in advance

I’ve used both brands GPS for a few days before deciding on one…I eventually chose a Garmin (my sister has the 3.5" version of the 255) for myself. I didn’t see it in the tech specs for this Tom Tom model but it doesn’t have TTS (Text-To-Speech; spoken street names of every street, not just major highways) which the Garmin does. IMO, TTS is very helpful. Also, I actually prefer the user-interface of a Garmin. Keep in mind regardless which of these GPS models you purchase, since they’re older models, you’re going have to spend $75 - $100 for updated maps if you want the latest maps. Hope that helps.

but tomtom has the darth vader voice! lol

o wow. didt know it would cost money to update maps. which gps would you prefer? are there any ones already updated thats cheap?

I have the Garmin 255W and love it!

I wouldn’t be too worried about the maps if you are buy it new. Garmin offers updated maps for all deviced that have been activated for the first time, if updated within 60 days:

I also played around with a few different TomTom devices and finally decided that I preferred the interface of the Garmin much, much more.

Let me know if you have any other questions about the 255W.

problem is the one i linked says re-certified. what exactly does that mean? bc if its used then i wont eb able to update maps free

it basically means refurbished. being recertified by garmin would allow you to get the free map update.

worst case scenario…you would be running 2009 maps at the latest. How many street/direction changes have happened?

true. guess ill be going with that one. thanks alot^^

Garmin Nuvi user here. Best one in my opinion.

bought a garmin nuvi gps. problem is i cant get it to update. like i dled te file and clicked on it, takes few moments to extract and after it gets 100% nothing happens. idk y. aint something suppose to pop up?

have you checked which map you have installed on the GPS? that should tell you if it worked or not.

Settings > Map > Map Info