Anyone heard of or played Kensei: Sacred Fist?

I remember this game from awhile back but never really played it but I was just looking at some gameplay videos on youtube and I really thought the way you blocked was really interesting and the game really had some potential and its made by Konami. If anyone ever played it can you tell me how this blocking technique works and is it the normal type of block. I haven’t seen this type of blocking in any current fighters.


Yes, some of us have heard of it and some of us have played it. :smile:

oh kool but if you played it how was the blocking system? Was it innovative or just a gimmick?

I think it was very awesome, depending on your block you’d block physically or do some kind of evasion/parry. Was also very easy on the eyes, that stuff.

I wish someone had revisited it and taken it further, with dynamic attacks.

That would be pretty close to my dream 3d fighter… I guess :razz:

Yeah it looks awesome and something you could see in a kung-fu film lol but yeah I wish I could see that in a 3d fighter and hope it can be explored more but since I want to make a sucessful fighting game someday I’m going to use this idea and mix it up with project justice type of gameplay and thats going to be my dream fighter lol

defensive mechanics look awesome. Isn’t this game done by the same developers that did tobal?

I wish developers spent more time on the defensive mechanics rather than bells and whistles.

Just by the description of the blocking system makes me want to buy this old game lol but I agree that the defensive mechanics look awesome for this game.