Anyone having PS5 controller drift issues?

Anyone out there experiencing the drift issue with the PS5 controller?

None what so ever. Are you?

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I have 2 PS5 controllers and no drift yet on either

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I don’t have a PS5 yet, but I’m curious to know the technical causes of a PS5 Dual Sense controller getting drift issues.

From what I can see in teardown pics/videos, the Dual Sense appears to use pretty standard analog cubes that are commonly found in all other Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo controllers’ (minus Joycons) analog sticks.
As far as I remember, Joycons are reported to drift because they don’t use the same sort of twisting potentiometer, and instead have a sliding type that supposedly goes bonkers when there’s either too much dust in there, or when the carbon-covered contacts get worn and the carbon dust disrupts the potentiometer’s circuit.

Google just showed a bunch of articles TODAY about Dual Sense drift, like this one:

Apparently the potentiometers used in the analog modules are kind of crappy. :\

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Hello…while I’m having zero issues with the new PS5 controller up until now, I don’t feel awful for Sony at all after the horrible controller issues I had with the PS4 regulators losing the capacity to charge because of the feeble miniature USB ports on them and the plan of the regulator.

However, better believe it, that smells to find out about the analogs being of possible concern. For $70, one would expect a best in class controller that would last. My PS2 and PS3 controllers actually work perfectly right up 'til the present time numerous years after the fact. The PS4 regulator was strong for interactivity, however the modest parts and issues with charging were truly poor.

No issues on mine but a buddy was experiencing some dift. Cleaning the pots with some contact cleaner helped and he’s back in business. I was hoping to pickup a truly bad controller just to take one apart myself and put it on the scope.

The media is calming the alps pots with 1M cycle count is the issue but we’ve used these for years. Everything wears out over time so I think this may be something new and environmental. Could be the shape of the new controller allowing more contaminants to enter or a different lubricant on the sticks. I honestly believe some of this is just software because the specs indicate they increased the analog digital resolution and, for a joystick, more precision is not always a good thing. No doubt sony will offer an enhanced version of the “deadzone” fix folks are clamoring for.

That said, if anyone has a bad one from the factory that they didn’t contaminate with food, I may be open to a swap for a new in box controller.

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I’m just waiting for the day where they make the anologes a drop in replacement using a special dip socket with some form of lock down. They should have a app where u can re calibrate the pots and dead zones. I guess theres no money in a permanent fix.