Anyone having issue having Camera connect?

Not sure if its just me but I can NEVER get Frank’s Camera to hit anything OTG like it used to. Yet the combo tutorials say you’re supposed to. Is there something I’m missing here? Is my timing off?

It’s most likely you’re timing. I noticed that you need to take the picture a lot faster than in MVC3

Its like way faster than usual, I’m kinda of shocked the timing is so tight. Not sure how to combo it properly, I use light camera as soon as Im hitting the ground and nothing happens…sad

So I’m starting to think it’s that you’re supposed to snap pictures as Frank drops. So not when he reaches the floor, but before it. As he descends from an aerial combo and the opponent bounces of the ground. This has been connecting for me a lot more easier than waiting for him to land on the floor and then snapping.

See I thought the same too but look at Capcom’s recommended advanced combo. He lands fully and then snaps. Clearly im dicking something up with the timing

knockdown states are kinda weird in this game.

in that combo from the tutorial, he hadn’t used any sort of spike (air HK), ground bounce or hard knockdown whatsoever yet. So the opponent is OTG-able for longer, and more moves are eligible to OTG.

Also, unlike UMVC3, Frank’s camera is not an OTG move. It can OTG in those 1st time knockdown states if done quickly, just like any medium - low height normal does.

But camera isn’t a real OTG like Dante’s Volcano. So in most of my level-up combos I try to snap the pic right as, or before, they hit the floor just in case it’s not a hittable knockdown.