Anyone have the sprites from the Online Edition color packs?

I’m looking for the full-body sprites of all of the alternate colors from the SFIII3SOE color packs but all I can find are these collages that cut off the sprites at the waist.

Full spites like this one are what I’m looking for-

Who would want to torture themselves with those ugly DLC colors?

I’m a little OCD about these sorts of things and I actually like quite a few of them.

Are you color blind?

No. Are you being unnecessarily hostile because your opinion doesn’t match mine?

No. Just honestly surprised.

It looks slightly better on there than in game because there’s probably some wacky filters on.

There are pal mod editing tools out there to try to do it yourself, check with the image mishmash, or fan works forum and people such as “alien nose job.” A more experienced editor would actually make it better and fix some of the problems you see like the twins shirt is a very light color, they do a win pose and their whole back is a dark contrasting color instead of a smooth blend to show shading properties.

hold dat is impartial to the BRITNEY SPEARS ALEX

ALEX EXPOSED THREAD AGAIN, hey you did have 2 of those…

Dudley French Flag console Alex, Super(Turbo) Ryu Alex, IBuki Alex in there huh. Man, why do I never see those in action.

I like some of the Ryu colors. I wonder why they make Ryu be black and never Ken.

That’s not a Black Ryu. That’s Ryu after 10 hours at the tanning salon.

[details=Spoiler] [media=youtube]C8EdVPuzzDo[/media] [/Spoiler[

His wife would still be white! :love:

Oh and go read about Black Belt Jones Ryu again for the Enter the Dragon. Williams and Roper “Suitcases” Masters.

It looks like alien node job hasn’t been active since 2011 and I couldn’t do it myself because I have SFII3SOE on PS3.

Damn, the OE edits might’ve killed him. :sleep:

There’s the thread.
I don’t know anything about ripping from PS3 if its even possible, this would be to do it in a program on your computer of course yeah.

i think you can only rip sprites from game data that’s useable in emulation, which is why the original sprite rips that we used for avatars and whatnot were from the dc version when chankast came out. maybe you could hit up zweifuss. his site has palettes from all the SFIIIs. doubt he’s active though, and even if he was, he probably hates the DLC colours like the rest of us do. sorry but i think this is going to have to be a DIY editing job in photoshop or something.

Red hair Remy and Teal blue Sean are the only worthwhile sprites from those packs, and you can’t even get them both in the same pack… Fuck that.

It might be that PAL mod or GGPO color edit or whatever it’s called. Twelve and Urien color packs for Online Edition are pretty cool. They remind me of atrocious MvC2 custom Dreamcast edits but for some reason they appeal to me.

Man, you come right out of a comic book.
where’s flare when you need him.

hey mate, I’m not gonna diss you for liking those pals.
Despite I hate these packs and consider them an insult to 3S, I have to say there may be 5 or 6 you could save, as you can’t go wrong 150 times in a row.

That said, I’m willing to help you.
I won’t edit palettes for you as I never did orders and never will, but I’ll help you out if you want to reproduce a few using palmod and photoshop.
The question is what do you want to do with these sprites ? do you want a single sprite? do you want to make gifs or play with these palettes on an emulator?

Check the first post on the palmod edits thread, there should be enough info there.
ESN must have a special version of the mame emulator which enables you to enable/disable sprites (backgrounds, foregrounds, etc…), so if you do edit palettes the way you want using palmod and photoshop using the screenshots you provided, you could use them in this edited mame and do whatever you want.

Contact me if you need more insight.

More like 228. But god damn is that a shitty ratio.

I’m really just looking to have static sprites like the one of Necro in the OP. I do quite a few repaints of the SOTA Street Fighter figures of the different colors using the sprites as reference, but I mostly just want the new colors for posterity.

On second thought, I did check all these colours again, and they did mess up on all of them. :confused:

Well, if you just want one static sprite, get PALMOD on the palmod thread’s first post, follow the instructions, and open your reference sheets in photoshop at the same time.
In photoshop, use the color pick tool (I) and pick one of the colours, once it’s done, click on the colour selector (the square holding your foreground colour) and remember the red, green and blue (R, G, B) values.
Go back to palmod, find what palette entry is controlling the sprite area you picked, and fill in the R G B values, they’ll be automatically rounded up since it’s a 16 bit color space (and your image reference must be 32 bit).
Do that for the whole sprite, and then all the ones you want to keep, and you’re done.
Now to get the sprite, just use printscreen key on your keyboard, and paste in photoshop, cropping and eliminating the background won’t be a problem.