Anyone have any tokido urien vids?

I mean aside from the first Evo.
I wanna see more of his Urien, he executes near perfectly for Urien.

He played in the first SBO. He won the tourney in the final match against KO. And Tokido, like Onanism aren’t the best Urien Players, They’re just better 3S players in general. If you want to see the best Urien players, check out either Messatsu Yarou or RX

That wasn’t SBO, it was the 1st Cooperation Cup (older).
At the time Tokido was probably the best Urien around. Onanism was a good candidate too. But they don’t play 3s much anymore.
RX was already quiet good back then, and he continued to improve. Now he’s Urien God. #1 Urien in the world in these days, no contest.
Messatsu Yarou has one of the most amazing execution skills ever, he charge partitions like everything everytime, nothing seems impossible in his hands. Sometimes it seems he focuses too much on flashiness though, and he’s not quite as solid as RX; that’s not to lessen his skill, he’s an amazing player.

well said Hol HORSE.

are you a follower of FRIEND?

tokido = god of turtle/winning.

I AM Friend


Anyone have any RX urien vids? please put links!! I really want to see his Urien!!

“Two years have passed… from shirube… Do you know… the way… The 15 experts… have made evolution…”

I love that line. :tup:

RX and Yarou are beasts.

That’s true my bad, it was the 1st COOP CUP

Atm RX and Messatsu yarou = god tier.

But I have always liked the way pierre uses urien, solid. Shonen is another one to watch.

Back a few years ago Tokido was turtle master and a brick wall and Onanism was proper technical.

Saw the rx and messatsu uriens from the tykaishu (sp) tournament. The rx urien was a little slower and more deliberate while messatsu’s made the game look faster with mad speed and execution. From what I saw Mess. > RX.

I can’t decide, they have different styles. RX seems to make big mistakes sometimes.

Really? I always thought that Messatsu made the mistakes… well, maybe not that exactly, but he tries for way more stuff, and I see it as riskier. All the EX headbutts and whatnot. More “flamboyant”? :slight_smile:

RX is NOT the one who makes the “big” mistakes.

Yarou would probably be a lot better if he would just take it easy with all his partitions but then again… he wouldn’t be what he is.

And about the styles. I think it’s clearly that RX wants to go for that one combo that finishes his opp. off while yarou takes them down bit by bit.

On wakeup RX does a far aegis and tries to do a and tackle them into the corner a lot, but they just grab him. That’s a big waste.

You’re right. RX doesn’t know shit about urien. He takes to many risks and wastes a lot of meter. What does a guy like RX know about Urien? My bad…

Or maybe not. I don’t quite understand your “far aegis” but i take it that he wants to push them towards it for more pressure which is not bad at all if you ask me. And how they throw him out of st. strongs to tackles is beyond my knowledge.

All I know is this. I have around 13gb 3s-movies on the japanese players. Most of them are on Urien-players. RX is BY FAR the best one out there. How ppl don’t see that… I will never understand. It is, if you ask me, clearly that he handles Urien the best. He can go partition style a la Messatsu Yarou, defence style a la Tokido and technique style a la Onanism. But then again, I may be blind and just stupid.

i believe by the “far aegis” thing, he is talking about RX vs KSK from shirube 2. RX just had to chip KSK a little after a midscreen knockdown but he threw a fierce aegis and then tried to do meaty st. strong xx tackle to push KSK into the aegis. KSK did wakeup super and made a comeback to win.

true, this may have been a rare instance of bad judgement by RX, but who doesnt make mistakes (and if it DID work, it would have been sick).

it doesnt change the fact that he is the god of urien.

Tier listing:

RX’s Urien


Urien and therest.

He doesn’t win the big tourneys…

Anybody see the ranking battle with Shonen vs. Messatsu Yarou? Ejaculation-in-my-pants moment #37.

I think there was a recent ranking battle RX vs. KO/Mester. That was sexy too.