Anyone have a WICO P360 or Sanwa Flash? 6\15\2011

as the thread title says,
I am from South texas,
looking for these retro parts you cant really find anymore

anyone know anybody who has any of these ?
looking to buy or trade

I’ve got an ascii optical, that’s been fully retrofitted with all Sanwa parts. Not sure if your looking for the Flash specifically, but the ascii is pretty much identical.

I just sold my p360 few weeks ago

I actually have several. I have the very old school Wico ones where you can detach the pcb and I have the regular ones made by both Wico and then the ones made by Happ.

What are you offering to trade or we can take it to pm.

Ive got a new wico:

ASCII optical with jlf retrofit

I got a flash for the right price.