Anyone going to EVO? Exclusive FightStick products will be sold there... (Need help)

Just want a heads up of what I need to bring…

How many people are interested in purchasing TE sticks, parts, shirts, etc. at EVO 2010?

Please let me know what you’re interested in.

I have the following that I can bring…

[]Super Street Fighter IV TE “S” for Xbox 360 and PS3
]Street Fighter IV TE for Xbox 360 and PS3
[]Street Fighter IV Round 2 TE for Xbox 360 and PS3
]Marvel VS Capcom TE for Xbox 360
[]Tatsunoko VS Capcom FightStick for Wii
]Team Mad Catz Shirt (the one that Daigo wears) Small - 2XL
[*]FightStick parts (lol, surprise; I won’t reveal which ones but expect some ALL new stuff)

Free Aura Blue TE keychain with every purchase at EVO as well.

And of course it will be for a special EVO only discounted rate.

I’ll also have an online sale too for those that can’t make it. But it won’t be as sexy.

I’d probably whore my money for the blue key chain. Round 2 TE (wtb one that matches the blue key chain), parts depending on what parts and/or possibly a shirt if I like the way it looks in person.

Oh I’m betting on some custom sides and bezels. I wish I could afford to go to EVO.

I might want to buy some fightpads. I’m interested in what the fightstick parts are. I’ll probably just end up buying a tshirt just to get the new keychain.

FightPads hm… I’ll see about bringing some.

Damnit, I need the new keychain and I want one of those shirts. Not going to evo, is there a way to buy them somewhere else? Maybe another sale promo going on soon?
Help me, help you Markman.

im interested in the parts and a shirt aswell. i cant make it though i have to work.

Shirts and parts will be available on the Mad Catz store as well. Just a better deal at EVO. Because… well, because you get to see me. :wink:

lol fair enough, so will the keychain be available anywhere besides meeting with you at an event?

The keychain will be available for online sales as well with use of a promo code (applies to some items).

Looks like I am buying a new SSFIV TE (S) for 360 here soon. ( I already have 5 TE’s) lol

Me too cant wait to have S TE stick with new keychain.

ok so should i get my hopes up for a wii TE? the keychain menu section is white so… aww hell TE for the wii? in my dreams.

I would like any of the keychains, I just painted my bezel today so I don’t think I’d get another one, unless they have like pink or something…idk what to buy, I have no monies. Maybe if there are cheap fightpads I might pick one up, since my PS3 TE doesn’t work on my laptop :expressionless:

FightStick parts???

mad catz shirts (small) and a keychain of course.thanks

I want that keychain!!

If you guys want a hint to some of the stuff that will be available, you can find images on my blog/thread.

Good luck finding that.

It’s kinda hidden.

What I want to know is if anyone’s willing to sell me their keychain and have it shipped to the Philippines.

I’m down for a keychain or two. Possibly some other parts that you may have.