Anyone figured out the actual Revenge numbers?

I got bored and tried to figure out exactly how much damage it takes (as a percentage of health) to reach 50% Revenge, and have Ultra available.

Previously, I’d figured it to be 45%, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, unless Ryu suddenly doesn’t have 1000 health in AE2012.

Here was my test:

Gouken vs. Ryu, Revenge Meter Normal.

Recording immediately tosses Ultra fireball to empty Revenge meter, then idle for the rest of the time (one Ultra every 10 seconds).

This gave me enough time to land any combo I wanted, and this is the lowest I’ve found that ‘pops’ the Revenge Meter:

dj.HP, cl.HP xx EX Palm, EX Fireball, cl.MK (446 damage)

Now, this next combo does not ‘pop’ the meter:

dj.HP, cl.HP xx EX Palm, EX Fireball, cl.MP (443 damage)

Both combos done together, after letting the life refill, visually fills the Revenge meter to full, but, again, does not give the ‘full Ultra’ effects (a total of 889 damage). Only after a backthrow, which does 1 point of grey damage, does the meter ‘pop’ the second time (bringing the total to 890).

This indicates that it takes 445 damage to achieve 50% Revenge meter on Ryu, (44.5%), filling up completely at 890 (89%) if Ryu never uses any armor.

So, a couple questions arise from this.

  1. Why did Capcom choose these strange figures? They seem arbitrary and almost intended to throw off people who expected ‘clean’ numbers.

  2. What happens with characters that don’t have a health value that allows for these divisions to remain integers? Are they rounded up, or down?

  3. If this was explored previously, why haven’t the results been put out there? Seems like something that would be worthwhile to figure out.

The intent behind this, obviously, is to let a player manage their opponent’s Revenge gauge and only give them Ultra when they’re ready to deal with the gameplan shift that comes with access to it.

If anyone else wants to help with this, just post up your experiments and results.