Anyone ever order arcades from

looking to get an arcade and i was wondering if anyone has gotten any from
experiences can be positive or negative just would like some info

If it’s the one by Chang Kingsley (or whatever) i’d avoid it unless you can see the cab in person before buying. He has a reputation for selling “no screen burn new cabinets” which are terrible

this is the website

Not the same place. The arcade I used to work for would order from coin op express, legit as far as I know.

I have and a bunch of folks from have as well. Excellent service, fast out the door, and they even send you pictures of your order ready to be boxed in a box with your information on it.

what is the best way to ship things form them?
kind of confused how you order and buy things from them

Crap. My bad. I actually ordered from However, I still Have seen good enough reviews from the folks on that i would order from them. As for shipping, EMS offers tracking and air parcel tends to be the cheapest. Just make sure you know these guys require a $200 min order. See if has what you need and order from them if so.

I ordered from them years ago (Radiant Silvergun and STV board) and they were extremely helpful. Everything was just as described and they offer(ed?) personalized service where my order was handled by one person and he kept in contact with me until I had it in my hand and was satisfied. Highly recommended.

I haven’t ordered from coinopexpress although I browse there all the time. Good to hear others have had good luck.

I’ve ordered twice from and one order was great and the other was not.
Two JVS to JAMMA harnesses. One new was fine. One used had all the directionals, coins and start buttons snipped from both JVS and JAMMA sides and I had to desolder the small snipped connections from the JAMMA and solder new wires on that went straight to the control panel instead of into the JVS.

Just thought I’d let you guys know to be careful when buying something listed as used.